Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 8 recap: Geometry Beach

One last day apart during Split Week on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 8. It seems like Split Week was more of a success for the men than it was for the women, with Rodney, Jacob, and potentially Andrew finding new people. The women seemed to keep to themselves, with only Shanae getting involved with Tyler.

We left off last week with Lace returning to the beach to see where she and Rodney stood. This will not go well as Rodney returns to the beach with Eliza after their romantic one-on-one date. What will Lace do? Let’s find out what happened in episode 8!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 8 recap

1. Third time is not the charm

Right on cue, Rodney returned to the beach with Eliza and had to confront Lace. She pulled him aside and said she wanted to get on the same page with him. Rodney recapped his time with Eliza and noted they had a good time on their one-on-one date. Ultimately, he chose Eliza over Lace which made her visibly upset.

They broke up, and Lace did not handle it well. Rodney tried to hug her to smooth things over, but she didn’t have it. After being consoled by the other guys, she leaves the beach. Rodney talked with the guys, and then Elixa came and hugged him. Breaking up is never easy, but this seemed like the move for Rodney, who has a better connection with Eliza. The timing wasn’t great, but this was the best move in the end.

Lace’s third appearance on a BachelorNation show (the second run on Bachelor in Paradise) still has not found its person. Lace went home again in Week 3, the same week she went home on the Bachelor Season 20.  Also, Lace let it slip that there are five new guys in the hotel with them, which sets the guys on edge. Brandon started jumping off the deep end, imagining Serene with another man. He said he’s been on edge since she left, missing her madly.

2. New guys who dis?

The guys learned that there are new guys in the hotel, and many aren’t handling it well. Many were questioning the relationships they had made before the split. They cut back to the hotel, where the women have nothing to do with the men except Shanae and Tyler. Jill and Genevieve said that talking to these men made them realize how much they missed the men on the beach.

Jesse told the OG women that Lace let the show since she confronted Rodney and found that he had a better relationship with Eliza. This, in turn, sets the woman on edge because, in their heads, if it could happen to Lace and Rodney, it could happen to them. Victoria started to have second thoughts about Johnny and would like to explore a relationship with Alex. Britany added that she felt a connection with Tyler and potentially Adam and is more open to the idea now. Jesse asked about Olu and Rich, but the women didn’t feel anything toward them, so they were sent home.

Jesse confronted the men and sent the two packing. Tyler, Adam, and Alex remained on Bachelor in Paradise and may or may not know the women interested in them. With the women, Victoria is still conflicted about pursuing other men, but it finally sets in for the women that their men could be doing the same thing. It sounds like she is going to explore something with Alex.

3. Geometry Beach

Johnny put it best when he said that love triangles and hexagons are popping up everywhere on the beach, geometry beach. In a shocking turn of events, he reveals to Johnny that he has been talking to Kate and feels a connection with her. More than the connection he has with either Shanae or Sarah. She felt the same way about him, and the two collective decide to pursue each other no matter the risk/cost. Kate is friends with Sarah, and Johnny is friends with Jacob. This move would cause some ways, but they are willing to work through it.

Michael revealed the next date card in true Bachelor fashion, and Kate got their first date on Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone looked at Jacob, thinking he was the obvious pick. Instead, Kate asked to speak with him privately before deciding. At that point, everyone knew what was up. This isn’t going to end well. Not only is this instantly going to cause drama on the beach but wait for Jill to return and see what has transpired. At least Jacob may be available again.

After calling it off with Jacob, Kate returned and asked Logan about the date. He accepted quickly, which destroyed Sarah. He walked off with Kate but realized he should probably do the right thing and talk to Sarah, especially since they had just had a great one-on-one date. He tried to clear the air with her, but there was nothing else to say. She was blindsided, and he never asked to talk to her first. She vented to Jacob, who was going through a similar issue with Kate. And so it begins.

4. Love finds a way

Kate and Logan prepared and headed off for their date, much to the disdain of Sarah and Jacob. Sarah isn’t taking the date well, knowing that Kate and Logan lied and deceived, making the situation worse. She has thoughts about pursuing Jacob while he is trying to remain positive and has faith in the system. He doesn’t know what is in store with Jill but could also try to strike something with Sarah, who is also going through a similar situation.

They head to town for their date and find they will give each other massages. They hit it off well and enjoyed the time giving each other massages. They capped off the date with a conversation by the beach. They solidified their feelings for each other and wanted to spend the rest of their time on the show together.

Brandon was talking with a few men about his continued feelings for Serene and how his feelings have grown stronger since they have been a part. Johnny echoed these sentiments about Victoria and noted that when he saw the new women arrive, he looked at Victoria and said he wasn’t budging. Meanwhile, she was talking to Alex at the hotel, and there seemed to be a spark. The night prior, he started to rub her head as she rested on the couch, which sparked a connection between them.

She received the second date card in the hotel on Bachelor in Paradise, and after having some newfound feelings for Alex, she asked him on the date, and he accepted. Alex swept her off her feet for her date while back at the beach; Johnny was picturing them together in the end as the guys told him he had nothing to worry about.

5. In pursuit of love

Victoria and Alex went on their date for a romantic dinner to see if there was something more than their spark. Victoria revealed that she did fall for somebody at the beach at the beginning of Bachelor in Paradise but wants to remain open. Alex is someone that reminds her of the type of guys she dates. He said that he gets that a lot and turned to their interaction the night prior when he was rubbing her head while she was sleeping. He felt like, at the moment, she needed comforting, and he wanted her to break down her walls to get to know her.

Back on the beach, Johnny said to Brandon that he is leaning towards falling in love with Victoria despite the age gap. He doubled down on keeping his eyes on Victoria and not wanting to pursue other relationships. The two said they didn’t want to pursue other people on the beach. Little did he know Victoria was having a very successful date with Alex, who is more her age and at the same stage in life as her regarding wanting to have a family.

Alex got to the very blunt question of where he stood with her regarding other relationships. She said she still wanted to explore things with Johnny but wanted to see where this relationship would take them. He said he wouldn’t stop pursuing this and has been on this show long enough and in other relationships to know when something is worth pursuing, and Victoria is that for him. Look out, Johnny.

6.  Return of the Shanae

Britany and Tyler were getting closer in the Estates and even kissed by the pool. Although Tyler said he did have fun with Shanae, it was missing that wow factor. He seemed to have felt that with Britany. She said that she needed to have some conversations back on the beach before she could pursue a serious relationship with Tyler.

Shanae was looking for Tyler and found that only he and Britany were missing. She started to panic, knowing that it was likely the two were together. She was instantly upset with Britany for pursuing Tyler, but Shanae has pursued at least three different men on this show, two at once, no less. Shanae and Genevieve were talking, and Genevieve said that she needed to confirm the two were together before she got upset.

Genevieve said she would go and look. She found the two kissing at the pool but declined to tell Genevieve because it would only hurt her, and she had Logan waiting for her on the beach. Little did she know that is probably the furthest thing from the truth.

Things seem to be heating up on Bachelor in Paradise, but this isn’t the beginning of the excitement. Check out the article above to see some of the most shocking moments of recent episodes that have led to the shocking events in this episode. What do we think of the love triangles forming? What relationships will continue through Split Week? 

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