Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 8: Best and worst moments

Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise brought us increasingly unstable relationships, surprising departures, and all the drama. Let’s get to the best and worst moments of episode 8!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 8: Worst moment: Lace Returns

The return of Lace carried over from last week, and I am just SO over her being painted as desperate, emotional, “Lace-ifer,” “Hurricane Lace,” etc., in the men’s interviews. Yes, she got emotional, but in no way was she screaming, causing a scene, being the devil, etc.

The show has just been portraying her as a desperate disaster while constantly mentioning her age.  I’m honestly glad her and Rodney’s relationship ended, and she gets to leave!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 8: Best moment: Johnny’s Advice

As painful as the Lace is crazy/Lace is desperate/Lace is dumped storyline was to watch, it was pretty sweet to see the men comfort her afterward.

It was interesting and helpful to hear Michael say that as soon as he saw Rodney and Eliza, he knew it was supposed to be.

Johnny drops the mic with:

“I think here you can only lead with your heart. It’s the name of the game, and as much as you don’t want to say it, people are going to break hearts here, and it doesn’t make you a terrible person, but you have 30 days or however long to figure out if your person’s here. You can lead with your brain and hope you’re doing the right thing, or you can lead with your heart and leave nothing behind, no regrets.”

With this quote, Johnny sums up the Bachelor in Paradise experience and how hard it must be for contestants to feel like they are making the right decision in such a limited amount of time.

Nicely done!

See you tonight in Paradise!

What were your favorite moments of Bachelor in Paradise episode 8? Share in the comments!