Bachelor in Paradise Jacob R. age, Instagram, height, job: Everything you need to know

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Jacob Rapini. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)JACOB RAPINI
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Jacob Rapini. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)JACOB RAPINI /

Bachelor Nation, we have come to love and adore Jacob R. on Bachelor in Paradise. But that wasn’t always the case. When he was a contestant on Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette, he had an interesting conversation with Gabby.

He said she was “smoking, though,” after telling Gabby that he doesn’t have a strong connection with her and that he would have left if she was the only person there. Yikes, Jacob R., yikes.

But all of that is in the past because now Jacob is making a splash in Paradise and breaking hearts left and right. This week, the series mixed things up by sending away the original women on the beach and replacing them with five new women. Tempted by one of the other women, Jacob R. is cozying up to someone other than Jill Chin, with whom he had started something before the mix-up happened.

We will find out next week how that will play out, but in the meantime, here are some facts about Jacob and who he is!

Jacob R. age

Jacob is a 28-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona, who reads around 30-40 books a year! Wow, that’s impressive.

Jacob R. Instagram

Perusing Jacob’s Instagram, it’s clear he is super into fitness and loves to be out in nature. His posts are filled with national parks, cacti, and being out and about with family and friends.

Jacob R. height

I can’t find any official information on Jacob’s height, but if I had to guess, he’s probably standing at least six feet tall.

Jacob R. job

According to his official ABC cast bio, Jacob works as a mortgage broker. When he isn’t doing that, he’s usually out in nature enjoying the beauty of national parks! The guy is well-rounded!

Check out Jacob on Bachelor in Paradise (while he’s still on it), and tune in next week to find out how Jill will react to his “infidelity.” I’m going to take a stab in the dark and assume she is going to be livid!