Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 7 recap: Test of Time

The old saying is distance makes the heart grow fonder. Will that be true on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8? Jesse Palmer sent the women packing, bringing in five new women to flirt with the remaining men. While this was a big setback for the women, a surprise awaits them at the hotel.

Will the relationships stand the test of time, or will love blossom with new people? Tonight will begin the true split week with both the men and women getting to see the new arrivals to the beach. Let’s find out what happened in episode 7!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Episode 7 recap

1. Splitting up is easy?

The men seemed to adjust to this move much easier than the women. They seized on the opportunity to talk to the new ladies. Rodney immediately started a connection with Eliza. Jacob, Aaron, and Logan weren’t shy from chatting up the ladies either. These men seemed to have pretty solid relationships leaving the rose ceremony.

While the men are getting to meet the new women, the original (OG) women take a very quiet, silent even, ride to the resort. Finally, some A/C and nice bathrooms! Although the women enjoy the new digs, they would much rather swelter on the beach with their men.

2. Pool Parties

Back on the beach, the men decided to throw a pool party for the new arrivals, and the vibe is high, as Rodney said. The women are starting to get more serious in their chats with the men, especially Eliza and Kate, who actively pursue Rodney and Jacob. Jacob and Kate went off on their own during the pool party for a serious makeout session. Meanwhile, Jill is in tears at the hotel and has been since they were told to leave the beach.

While the OG women of Bachelor in Paradise ponder what the men are doing, Rodney and Eliza take their relationship further by kissing on the beach. Around that same time, Michael and Danielle returned from their date, not knowing what was in store for them. Michael was shocked, and after getting the low down, he could almost predict the chaos that was bound to ensue because of it.

Jesse didn’t receive the warmest welcome at The Estates, but that turned quickly when he gave the OG women the good news and welcomed their five new guys. Their lineup included Adam Todd, Alex Bordyukov, Olu Onajide, Rick Leach, and Tyler Norris.

Adam hails from the land down under, featured on The Bachelorette Australia. Tyler was most recently seen on Rachel and Gabby’s season (19) of the Bachelorette. However, he looked like he bulked up before coming on Bachelor in Paradise. The women capped off their first night in the resort with a pool party with their new arrivals.

3. How Quickly the Tide Turns

Jessenia had her eyes on Andrew, but Andrew wasn’t opening up as they talked. He noted that even though they weren’t in a legit relationship, they were in a semi-relationship, and he felt it would be weird if he started talking to other women while she was gone. However, on the flip side, Brittany was making out with Tyler in the resort. While Andrew was trying to be a respectful, good man, Brittany may have not been returning the favor.

As Andrew and Jessenia’s conversation faded, he recapped the men starting to flip sides. Logan seemed to be seriously exploring things with Sarah. Jacob had the hots for Kate despite having a pretty solid, quick relationship with Jill. Side note, Andrew said Jill would be crushed, and back at the resort, she isn’t taking in the new company well. Then there were Rodney and Eliza, who Andrew said looked like they had been doing this for a long time.

4. Test of Time

Michael and Danielle sit comfortably in a cabana watching the chaos ensue, knowing that they are the only holdovers from Bachelor in Paradise split week and are fairly solid in their relationship. The men started to discuss the new women after last night, and although Shanae is living it up at the Estates, Logan was willing to wait for her back at the Beach. However, Sarah was in hot pursuit of him.

Jacob and Kate had a very interesting conversation in a cabana about Jill. He had a great night with Kate and said he woke up thinking of her, not Jill. Kate didn’t want to hurt Jill and wanted to protect her feelings. However, they both wanted to explore Paradise to the fullest. Jacob appreciated her sentiments but told her not to worry about Jill. The two had another serious makeout session with some curious onlookers. Meanwhile, Jill is upset at the resort, cuddling her crystal from their very deep, vulnerable one-on-one date.

Speaking of the resort, Shanae received her first date card, her third of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, and invited Tyler. He, of course, accepted, which rubbed Brittany the wrong way after their romantic chat the night prior. While Jacob and Shanae are willing to explore new relationships, their potential partners may not be.

Aaron was approached by a few women but said he would stay true to Genevieve but wanted her to have a good time and destress at the resort. He noticed that she was pretty torn up about the new woman arriving, but he tried to reassure her and gave her some verbal commitments that he would remain true.  So far, Logan, Aaron, Andrew, Johnny, and Brandon seem to be standing the test of time.

5. Setting the Mood

At the Estates, Shanae and Tyler went on their one-on-one date participating in some hot yoga. They were put in unique positions that heightened the physical side of their relationship. While Logan is on the beach trying to stay true to Shanae, she is making out with Tyler on a yoga mat.

Well, fortune favors the bold, and Sarah received the first date card on the beach since the new woman arrived on Bachelor in Paradise. She was sitting by Logan conveniently enough when she received and opened the date card. She asked him, and he accepted. Before this date card was revealed, he had a conversation with Micheal and Andrew about how he was feeling about Shanae, and they encouraged him to stay open, noting that while she did choose him at the rose ceremony, she was making out with Justin a few hours prior.

The mood was very different at the beach versus the resort. While the beach is open to new opportunities and relationships, the resort is not. The women are standing pretty firm, except when Tyler is involved, resulting in the new men struggling to build relationships. Lace commented about social distancing, which is what it seemed like with the men and women at the Estates.

6. First (third) Dates

Shanae and Tyler were still on their date. Still, they started discussing how the other women were being moppy but needed to remain open to new relationships because you never know what could happen, especially on this show. Shanae noted that she felt way more connected with Tyler than with Logan. Speaking of Logan, he and Sarah went horseback riding for their date. Logan still has mixed emotions about Shanae and pursuing other relationships, but he seems to be opening up more with Sarah.

Both dates seemed to mimic each other as Logan and Shanae took their dates in the water (pool and ocean) to add another layer to their relationship. Both couples seemed to be going pretty hard in the water as the show kept cutting back and forth between Shanae and Tyler kissing and Logan and Sarah kissing. This is bound to get interesting.

While most men don’t want to pursue new relationships on the beach, Jessenia made a last-ditch effort with Andrew. She set up a romantic dinner with him and even fed him food in an attempt to get to know him deeper. Andrew noted that they have many similar interests and a strong common ground that would set a strong foundation for a relationship. In this mini one-on-one date, they both seemed to find the spark, and the date ended with a kissing session under the water.

At the end of their date, Shanae had big plans for Tyler, which, if left up to her, would have included the boom boom room. This is the closest we have been to someone using the boom boom room on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. However, Jill interrupted their post-date debrief, and instead of spending the night together, they listened to Jill vent. Jill went off and derailed the conversation and mood, leading to Shanae and Tyler heading their separate ways at the night’s end.

7. Tough Decisions

On the beach, the women admire the view of the men working out but discuss the tough decisions ahead for the men as they have to choose who to pursue. While Rodney does feel for Lace, he seems to be growing more towards Eliza.

Lace is having a tough time at the Estates, so Victoria and Serene try to console her. They talked through the situation and told her to remain open and pursue other relationships because that is most likely what Rodney would do. By supreme Bachelor magic, Rodney received the next date card of Bachelor in Paradise and, of course, invited Eliza. She accepted graciously, and the two went on a romantic dinner.

As he is on this date, Lace is going stir-crazy in the Estates and decides to head back to the beach to see if she and Rodney are on the same page. This went about as you’d expect, with Lace arriving as Rodney is on the date with Eliza. She blew past the women and immediately went up to the men asking where Rodney was. They told her he was on a date but didn’t want to divulge more.

The men were more curious about why Lace was there and whether she was alone or the other women came with her. She accused the men of being defensive towards her, but she wouldn’t answer their questions either. She was on a mission to get answers and wasn’t letting anyone stand in her way. Brandon asked how the other women were feeling, but she declined to answer because they weren’t answering her questions.

She starts to break down as Rodney is up the stairs kissing Eliza as they return from their date. Rodney is now forced to handle the situation and will likely need to pick between Eliza and Lace. The previews teased a very interesting discussion between these couples and more as the OG women returned to the beach.

Missed last night’s episode? Check out the article above to get the low down on the beach and how we arrived at this very interesting situation at the beginning of split week. What do you think about the split thus far? What side do you think is going to suffer the most in the end? 

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