Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 3 recap: Trouble with Teddi?

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Teddi Wright. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)TEDDI WRIGHT
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Teddi Wright. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)TEDDI WRIGHT /

What a crazy start to Bachelor in Paradise Season 8! Just as you think couples are starting to form, someone else arrives on the beach and stirs up some drama. Tonight is no different!

We welcomed three new Bachelors to Paradise; Aaron, James, and Rodney. What could go wrong? Plus, we have the first rose ceremony of the season! Let’s find out how it all shook out in episode 3.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 3 recap

1. Finally, the Rose Ceremony

After three episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, we are finally at the first rose ceremony…almost. First, we must finish the cocktail party leading up to the ceremony that bled over from the last episode. The men get to hand out the roses this week, so some women scramble to build a connection with someone…anyone. Jacob has somehow become “The Bachelor.” He kissed Hailey, Lace, and Kira. Kira even donned leaf undergarments to get Jacob’s admiration and, hopefully, his rose.

Justin chatted with Victoria, and the two seemed to have a connection. He said that he wanted to spend more time with her tomorrow. He then tried to smooth things over with Genevieve by getting her a cake for her birthday. The conversation quickly turns bad as they discuss their last disastrous conversation. Genevieve said that she needed more from him, and he looked at the cake and recalled the other actions he had done to prove his attraction to her.

Victoria saw this and knew she had to play the field to try to get a rose. She then approached Johnny and took him to a cabana. While he already has a solid foundation with Hunter, Johnny is the type of guy to play the field. Meanwhile, a cabana away, Hunter is watching what is unfolding with Casey. Johnny and Victoria started making out, and Casey took Hunter away from the action.

2. The ACTUAL Ceremony

In walks Jesse Palmer signaling the end of the cocktail party and the beginning of the rose ceremony, the first of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Three women are slated to go home with 12 women and only 9 men. Andrew is first up and gives his rose to Teddi, the big shocker. Brandon is next and chose Serene, another easy guess. Michael gave his rose to Sierra while Logan gave his rose to Shanae, and both women accepted graciously. Casey gave his rose to Brittany, which was interesting because we didn’t see him form strong bonds with anyone.

Jacob was on the hot seat next as several women tried to earn his affection. In the end, he gave the rose to Lace, who accepted. Kind of a surprise there because Kira went really out of her way to make an impression on Jacob. Justin was up next with another controversial choice ahead of him. He gave the rose to Genevieve, and she accepted. The big question here is can the two get past their early struggles? Johnny rounded out this trio and had a tough choice ahead of him. Between Victoria and Hunter, he chose the former who made a late impression on him.

Romeo was last to give out a rose, and this may be the first rose not accepted tonight. He has tried to be involved in several relationships, including love triangles, squares, and other shapes. He called Jill up to the podium and began his spiel by saying he apologized for his actions and wanted to use this rose as an opportunity to either start fresh or explore other opportunities. She accepted but said she only accepted because nothing in paradise is guaranteed.

This left Kira, Hunter, and Hailey without a rose and sent packing from Bachelor in Paradise. Kira was the first to leave, barely hugging any women let alone men. Hunter and Hailey said their goodbyes and boarded the SUV. Hunter bashed Johnny, saying that he is Victoria’s problem now. Hailey, who hasn’t received a rose yet during her time on either show, was somewhat thankful to be able to get back to air conditioning. Always look on the bright side of life.

3. The Morning After

Everyone woke up a little refreshed the morning after the rose ceremony. Casey brought Jill breakfast, knowing the shoe was on the other foot now as the women would get to hand out the roses at the next ceremony. Jill is over Romeo but accepts his rose to remain on the show and is open for business.

Genevieve and Justin clear the air and start fresh now that they are in the right mindset for the show. It couldn’t have come at a better time as former Bachelor in Paradise contestants Aaron and James come strolling into Paradise. Now the men get to feel some of the pressure the women felt when Victoria arrived last week. These men came with an advantage, a double-date card.

Aaron pulled Genevieve aside first and wanted to get to know her plans for Paradise and what his thoughts were. She told him that she has only really talked to Justin, but they are open to exploring other relationships. He then pulled Shanae aside, but their conversation didn’t progress either. Aaron and James then asked Genevieve and Shanae out for the double date, and they both agreed. Genevieve a little too quickly with how she spoke about her relationship with Justin. Here we go, Shanae and Genevieve, round 2 on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8!

4. The Double Date

Before the date, Justin felt that Genevieve was being pretty hypocritical by going on the date with Aaron. She got pretty upset when he went on the date with Victoria so for her to turn around and do it with Aaron was a little unsettling. Honestly, it’s kind of touche. Maybe this will make each other appreciate each other more after they see how the other feels by either going on the date or having to stay back at the beach.

As the quartet goes on the date, Shanae and Genevieve are getting along. The two seem to be having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Genevieve and Aaron have a conversation ending with a serious makeout session. Genevieve said in an aside that she didn’t feel like Justin was that into her, but Aaron is showing that he is. Whether the two had something brewing before the show, they have something going on now.

5. Special Guests

At the beach, Logan feels sorry for himself because he’s not sure what’s coming back from this double date. While all eyes were on Genevieve and Aaron, let’s not forget that Shanae and James were on this date too. They started to talk and found that everything was so natural and easy between them. The comfort between these two was real, and they ended their conversation with a long kiss.

The beach got a visit from Jared and Ashley from Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 to show what can happen at the show’s end. Ashley talked with the women and gave them some advice about the show, like not giving up hope. Jill retold her tragic journey thus far, and Teddi revealed that she might not like Andrew as much as he likes her.

Then another guest arrives, but on the more permanent side. Rodney walked down the steps toward the beach, and every girl freaked out. He pulled Jill and Teddi aside to gauge their interest and thoughts on the journey thus far. Teddi and Rodney seem to have a spark, making Andrew nervous.

Jared tried to talk to Andrew in this crisis, but I think this conversation made Andrew realize he and Teddi may be in two different places in their relationship. Teddi doesn’t return to the group after her conversation with Rodney but instead goes to a cabana and cries. She was torn between how she felt about Andrew and her feeling for Rodney.

6. Too Late for Teddi

Teddi pulled Andrew aside for a conversation, and they both realized that they were in a different place and just not right for each other. Teddi broke up with Andrew but is devastated because she felt she couldn’t give him what she wanted. She went off crying, and although Jill tried to console her, she couldn’t help her emotions.

Teddi then went and packed her bags. She approached the producers and left the show without telling anyone. She felt she couldn’t find love on the show and wanted to go home and try to find what she was looking for. Serene was trying to find Teddi and asked Wells where she had gone, and he revealed that she was gone.

Serene then went and told everyone else, and they were just as shocked as she was. Andrew was torn up about the news and was questioning his time on the show. Also, this is rough for Rodney, who had a conversation with Teddi that pushed her over the edge with Andrew, which led to her leaving the show. Rodney was going to ask Teddi out on his date but then found out that she left Bachelor in Paradise.

And roll credits! Next week on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 looks to get much more interesting as the men get anxious about the roses and a new Bachelorette hits the beach…here comes Salley!

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