Is Bachelor in Paradise on tonight, Tuesday, September 27?

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Andrew Spencer. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)ANDREW SPENCER
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABCÕs ÒBachelor In ParadiseÓ stars Andrew Spencer. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)ANDREW SPENCER /

Bachelor in Paradise is finally back, Bachelor Nation! I’m so excited for this fan-favorite series to return because the flagship shows have been so bad. They’re so boring and repetitive and take advantage of all those involved in a way that should never happen.

But when we’re talking about Bachelor in Paradise, the ball game is different. There are actual conversations, real relationships forming, and more realistic circumstances. It’s just way better…right?

I’m particularly excited about some of the cast heading to Paradise this season, including Andrew Spencer and Rodney Matthews. Oh, and Victoria Fuller! Oh, and let’s not forget about Shanae Ankney.

It’s going to be a very dramatic season, indeed!

Is Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 1 airing tonight?

It absolutely is! If you’re hoping to catch the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 premiere, tune into ABC at 8 PM EST tonight for the two-hour event. Things will play out differently this season, so we will be in for some surprises.

Apparently, this season is set to have the most contestants Paradise has ever had. We’re looking at some 30+ contestants or something, perhaps even more. Exciting times ahead, indeed!

As far as contestants go, I’m looking forward to seeing Michael Allio again because he was such a sweetheart. I was rooting for him to be considered as the next Bachelor, but then he’d have to be away from his son for a long period, so maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea.

There are plenty of other folks heading to the beach that I’m looking forward to seeing–but I won’t name them all here. We’ll have to watch tonight to see who is the most exciting.

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It’s time for Paradise!

Who are you most excited to see on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise? Let us know in the comments below!