The Bachelor Season 27: Who should be considered to be the next Bachelor role?

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Here’s who we think, outside of this most recent Bachelorette season, will make the best brand new suitor for the bachelor for Season 27 and why!

Before we say who, did you have any guesses prior to seeing the headline picture? Put your answers down in the comments below!

Michael Allio

Okay, okay, okay here we go! For anyone who knows me and my Bachelor knowledge/favorites, then you must know that Mr. Allio over here is my number one top favorite contestant to be on this show…yes ever.

Now, I know that he’s going to be on Bachelor in Paradise, premiering September 27th at 7:00 PM CST, however, I am kind of hoping that he’s too good for everyone on that beach because since he made that tough decision to leave Katie’s season of The Bachelorette, I’ve been campaigning for him to be the main man.

Between him or Nate, it would be the first father, to my knowledge, at least in recent years that is (within 10 years + I’d say), to be the Bachelor. I think Michael would do an amazing job. He’s sweet, he cares about women like legit no one I’ve ever seen on this show do (and in real life besides my boyfriend, of course). Above all else he always puts his son, James, first!

P.S. James: PLEASE let us have your dad just one more (short) time…you can even come with him!

Say it with me now: “Michael for The Bachelor! Michael for The Bachelor! Michael for The Bachelor! Michael for Bachelor!” (If you didn’t say it, then you’re just simply wrong.

Sorry, not sorry.

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That’s a wrap on our analysis of the best next Bachelor choices! How’d we do?

Who do you think is going to be the next and best Bachelor for the upcoming season? Did we miss anyone else on this list? Let us know down below so we can chat! Enjoy tonight’s finale!