The Bachelor Season 27: Who should be considered to be the next Bachelor role?

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Welcome to finale week of The Bachelorette (if you can already believe it)! On this Tuesday, September 20, 2022, we finally get to find out who both Gabby and Rachel end up with, how the rest of their journeys are to get there, and allllll of the drama behind it all.

While this particular season of The Bachelorette is coming up to an end, that also means that a brand new season of The Bachelor will be coming up sometime in the earlier parts of next year.

*WARNING: Their may be a tiny spoiler on the second page, so be aware of that!*

Who will be the next best suitor? Which guys from Rachel and Gabby’s past season are true contenders or will there be anyone outside of their season who gets the job? Let’s find out more!

In no particular order, here are the first five men that are the best choices for Season 27:

James C.
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1. James

While I’m not 100% sold on this idea, I do think that it would be super interesting to see someone like Meatball in charge. Although, if he was in charge that would mean that at least once or twice you’d see him or one of his ladies with red sauce somewhere down the line…just gross. But weirdly, I respect the guy and think he was totally underestimated.

Jordan V.
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2. Jordan V.

He was that one guy that hit off so well with Rachel during their one-on-one date at the very beginning of the season. However, he was also the one that Rachel cried over sending home so pathetically. Jordan V. was a quiet guy. He had such a nice smile, and for once, it would be nice to see the quiet shy guy enjoy the much-deserving sweet, sweet spotlight.

Ethan K.
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3. Ethan

I loved Ethan all season! For a second there, I genuinely thought that he would make it to having a hometown date; however, his time was cut short literally right before that moment could have happened. It’s truly a wild pick for me, but I can weirdly see it happening. Let’s help the franchise make history yet again with the first bachelor of Asian descent.

Hayden M.
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4. Hayden

Okay, hold on…I know what you’re all thinking right now. While I know that all of America, at this time, loves to hate him, I truly do think that it was all just one big fat case of miscommunication. Did he say some things that weren’t necessarily right to say at the moment? Of course. Did he also put his family first by wanting to go home to his sick dog, Rambo? Absolutely. Can’t blame the guy.

Kirk B
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5. Kirk

Most people probably don’t even remember him in all honesty. He didn’t make it that far, in fact, I don’t even remember if his name was ever called during a rose ceremony in all honesty. But in terms of why I think he should be the brand new bachelor? My answer to that particular question is…why not?! He’s a total wild card pick for me, and just like Jordan V., I’m all here for the shy guys!