What is that catchy Bachelor in Paradise theme song?

Bachelor in Paradise has one of the most catchy and iconic theme songs attached to it. “Almost Paradise” by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson is the anthem that gets the series going before the episode and manages to get stuck in our heads for hours.

I find myself humming it for weeks after the show ends, sometimes even during the year. It’s simply one of the most fun beats, isn’t it? Not to mention, the intros for each contestant that goes along with it make the whole package fun.

The 80s vibe of it is great, and I’m so glad that the series and the song will be back in our lives in a little over a month. Season 8 can’t get here soon enough!

Bachelor in Paradise has the best theme song

The upcoming season will mark the show’s eighth one, and there is already a lot of excitement buzzing around it. I’m just glad that the show is returning at all, frankly. Throughout the year, there were rumors that another season wasn’t happening this year or that there was the potential for the show to get canceled.

If ABC ever did decide to cancel the show, I think Bachelor Nation would riot. It is arguably their best show of the franchise, so it would be a horrible mistake to ever let it go. This is especially true because the most successful, long-lasting couples come from Bachelor in Paradise.

That is definitely not the case for the flagship shows so let’s never ever cancel Paradise, okay? Thanks.

It’s almost Paradise, it’s knocking on all of our doors!

Be sure to tune in for the Season 8 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC at 8 PM EST on September 27!