Bachelor in Paradise: Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin celebrate one year together

It’s hard to believe Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 was nearly a year ago and that all the couples that stayed together are now celebrating their one-year anniversary. Earlier this week, Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch celebrated their first year of being engaged.

If you would have told Bachelor Nation that this couple would have ended up together and stayed together, I think many of us would have been split on it. But I’m so happy to see that they have managed to make it despite the odds that this franchise has for couples.

Both Pepin and Braasch posted on their Instagram celebrating the last year together and it was all sorts of adorable. It was a beautiful expression of love all around, and I am so here for it!

They weren’t the only ones celebrating, however, as Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt have also stayed together over the last year. It’s so nice to see these couples making it especially when the flagship shows don’t have the best track record.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 couples celebrate one year together

Back in April, Pepin shared that while they didn’t have a date in mind, they did have a location they were interested in–Puerto Rico. A lot of her family lives back there so it is the ideal location for wedding nuptials. It looks like the backdrop of Puerto Rico’s tropical environment is what the couple has in mind so I’m excited to see how that comes together.

While Pepin and Braasch’s relationship has been a dream, it wasn’t always that way. During their time on Bachelor in Paradise, they split up and talked to other people. However, they eventually made their way back together and the rest is history.

We’re super happy to see Bachelor Nation couples make it, and we look forward to seeing what the big day looks like for this couple (and the others!).

Congratulations on one year together Mari and Kenny!

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