Peter Weber turned down Bachelor in Paradise over contract dispute

Peter Weber was apparently supposed to be jet-setting to Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, but things didn’t work out as planned. Before we get into the details of why exactly this didn’t pan out, let’s talk about Weber’s journey in Bachelor Nation.

He started out as a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and then had his heart broken. And we all know what happens after contestants experience major heartbreak on these shows–they get to be the lead next.

And so Peter Weber became the Bachelor following his stint on The Bachelorette and had quite a season on it. He basically fell in love with Madison Prewett but when she turned him down because he slept with other people, he decided to go with Hannah Ann. That relationship did not last long, and honestly, the rest is history.

He went on to date another contestant from his season, Kelley Flanagan, but that went south pretty fast too, so here we are now. Peter Weber is still single, and apparently, he was hoping to head to Paradise to find love.

Things didn’t work out, unfortunately, due to a contract dispute.

Peter Weber will not be heading to Bachelor in Paradise

In a statement to Us Weekly, Weber shared that he ultimately declined the offer. “I was actually going to do Bachelor in Paradise. I was going to do it. We just couldn’t agree on a contract at the end of the day is what it came down to it,” said Weber.

Could it be that he was charging too much? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t really know how all of that works but it wouldn’t be too crazy to presume that Peter Weber was just doing Peter Weber things and asking for a lot from his contract (be that money, incentives, etc.).

Getting back on the dating scene has not been easy for Pilot Pete, but he remains optimistic about it. He may not be the most beloved member of Bachelor Nation, but at least he’s still got hope!

Better luck next time, Peter Weber!

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