Bachelor in Paradise Season 8: Spoilers from the first week of filming

MAJOR Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 spoilers ahead!

If you trying to stay away from spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, then don’t read any further. Thanks to Bachelor Nation guru Reality Steve’s intel, we are going to be sharing what’s been going down during the first week of filming of the upcoming season.

Of course, we won’t have any confirmation about whether or not these events have taken place until the season airs, but Reality Steve usually knows what’s up. As of now, ABC has not released an official cast list, but many have a solid idea of who will be heading to Paradise.

I’m super excited Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, and I cannot wait to see what drama unfolds. According to Reality Steve, the drama has already begun so we are in for a treat, Bachelor Nation!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Week 1 spoilers

Again, if you do NOT want to come across any spoilers, then I advise you to come back once the season has officially started.

Okay, now that you’ve been warned, let’s get into the spoilers that Reality Steve dropped recently. They’re specific about the contestants that are currently on the beach and the first rose ceremony.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • During the very first rose ceremony, Brandon Jones (from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette) gives his rose to Serene Russell (from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor). Apparently, they’re the “it” couple on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, and Reality Steve thinks they may leave the show engaged.
  • All the female contestants are mainly from Matt James’ and Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, except Victoria Fuller and Lace Morris.
  • Speaking of Victoria F., she got her first rose from Johnny DePhillipo, who is going to be seen in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Apparently, he made it all the way to Gabby’s hometown date so we will get to know him pretty well!
  • As expected, Genevieve Parisi (from Clayton’s season) is in Paradise. Prior to heading here, she was linked with Aaron Clancy, and it looks like that connection will work its way into some drama on the beach. Justin Glaze gives Genevieve the first rose, however, Aaron shows up and takes her out on a date. It looks like this results in Genevieve and Aaron being together, leaving Justin without a rose.

And that is just the start of what we can expect from Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. The drama is only beginning, and we are so here for it!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 premieres on Tuesday, September 27, on ABC at 8 PM EST!

What do you think of these spoilers so far? Let us know in the comments below!