Will Shanae Ankney be on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8?

Shanae Ankney may be returning to the world of Bachelor Nation, folks. There is no official news as we don’t know the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 yet, but there is a strong possibility Shanae will make her epic return. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but she is sort of the perfect “villain” for Paradise.

We first met Shanae Ankney during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Almost immediately she became the villain and possibly one of the worst we’ve seen in a while. She was always ripping the other women down with her nasty comments, making fun of Elizabeth Corrigan for her ADHD, and then creating a ruckus over shrimp which came to be known as “Shrimpgate”.

It was a hot mess while Shanae was on the show, and the level of manipulation and lying that took place was too much for many to handle. Eventually, Clayton sent Shanae home and all was well in the world.

But now, it seems like there is a chance that she may show up on the beaches of Paradise. And I’m not sure how I feel about that…

Shanae Ankney could be heading to Bachelor in Paradise

In a recent Instagram story, Shanae sort of hinted that Paradise is in her future. She was wearing a jean jacket with a GIF posted next to it of the state of Ohio and the temperature (a chilly 37°F). I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like the opposite of anything related to Paradise. However, the music playing in the background was Bazzi’s “Paradise”.

One of the lyrics literally says, “Let’s go to paradise”, so I mean, that can’t be a coincidence, right? Sure, Shanae may just be sick of the cold weather, but I really think ABC is going to do what they can to make sure she’s on that beach.

As for the rest of us? I don’t think we’re jumping at the idea, but we’ll keep an open mind.

Bachelor in Paradise could be one of its most interesting yet…

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