The Bachelorette Season 19: Who is already an early contender?

THE BACHELOR - ABC's "The Bachelor" stars Rachel. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE BACHELOR - ABC's "The Bachelor" stars Rachel. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /
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The Bachelorette Season 19: The Too-Manly-Buff-And-Strong-To-Be-Here-Men

#1: Joey, 24 (right)

Hometown: Brookfield, Connecticut

Profession: Unknown (as of 03/30/22)

Oh boy…we have twins this year. Sure, this was a great idea since it worked out so well the last time that we had twin girls on a previous season of The Bachelor.

His twin brother, Justin, has definitely got the more dramatic story here, but we’ll get to him later on, that’s for dang sure. But anyway…back to Joey for a super split second over here. To me, I feel like Joey could just have the potential to be a real d*** h***. I don’t know why, but only time will tell if I was right, or if I was wrong…

P.S. I can see him with neither of the ladies, really, so does that equate to me seeing him with either of them, equally? We shall never know.

#2: Johnny D., 25

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Profession: Real Estate Advisor

Ew no. For me personally, he’s one of the worst-looking guys this season and someone that I am just absolutely going to love to hate this season. He definitely seems like someone who will not only use his manly muscles to get him through the season but also someone who will think that he’s much smarter than every other guy there when in reality, he’s really and definitely not.

I really can’t see him making it far enough to be with either of the two ladies, but he seems more like Rachel’s type than Gabby’s type if you ask me. Thoughts? Agree or Disagree with me?

#3: Jordan H., 35

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Profession: Motocross Racer

Tool alert, tool alert! Now, maybe I’m wrong and just have my blinders on, but does he or does he not look like a complete and utter DB? Personally, he seems like he’d have a real d***ish personality that is so intolerable that the other guys will even want him out of the house.

As far as which lady I see him with the most? I can unfortunately see him more as Gabby’s guy than I can as Rachel’s guy, which is sad because of how much I just love and adore Gabby. I just hope that my Gabby prediction isn’t true for this one. Please, Dear God! Let. Me. Be. Wrong. For. Once.

#4: Roby, 33

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Profession: Magician

Remember how I previously said that someone in a preceding category was goofy in a good way? Yeah, not for this one over here. He personally looks like he’d be goofy in all of the wrong ways. Such as constantly showing off not necessarily his body, but his career and his knowledge (nothing wrong with being proud, everything wrong with having too much pride). I mean, this guy’s got his own IMDB page, according to Reality Steve’s screenshot on his Twitter, but he can’t be that cool? Ugh…not another one over here! Please

He seems like he could be an equal fit for both ladies, maybe leaning more towards the side of Rachel’s feelings, as opposed to Gabby’s feelings. Who knows, though right?!

#5: Ryan, 35

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Profession: Unknown (as of 03/30/22)

Nope. Just nope. I cannot deal with this one already. Personally, I don’t think that my predictions are going to be wrong about this guy. I don’t think he’ll have a girlfriend back home, I don’t think he’ll have some secret love child somewhere. But I do think that he’ll start some trouble with the other men in the house, then lie all about it to the two leading ladies, and ultimately get himself sent home.

If I’m wrong, he seems like Rachel’s type, rather than Gabby’s type. No offense to Rachel, but I feel like her type is toolish, but maybe I’m wrong. I mean she did stay with Clayton at first. Hehe. Facts don’t lie…people do.