Did Jesse Palmer marry the woman he met on The Bachelor?

You may currently know Jesse Palmer as the host of The Bachelor Season 26, but long before he was guiding Clayton Echard through his journey, he was the lead. When the show and the franchise were still fairly new, Jesse Palmer was the Bachelor in Season 5. Considering we’re in the 26th season now, you can do the math on how long it has been since then.

During this week’s episode, Palmer reassured the contestants about this journey and subtly mentioned that he is a happily married man. But is he married to the woman he picked from his season? Or like many others did he find love with someone else in the years after?

We have all the tea for you below, so find out who Palmer is married to, and if she was amongst one of the contestants from his season.

Who is Jesse Palmer married to?

For those clinging onto hope that Palmer’s wife was one of the contestants from his season, I’m here to tell you that is not the case. And I mean, are we surprised? The probability of couples getting engaged, getting married, and still being together is very, very low. Very few have done it, and it’s likely to stay that way.

During Palmer’s season, he picked then 22-year-old Jessica Bowlin as the winner. They didn’t leave the show engaged but Palmer gave Bowlin a ticket to New York City to visit him instead. Both of them were more than happy with this decision and didn’t feel the pressure to leave the show as an engaged couple.

Their relationship didn’t last very long after that, and nearly a month after the finale, they had already decided to part ways. But that’s okay because Palmer did get a happily ever after eventually.

In June 2020, Palmer married model Emely Fardo, and the two are still married nearly two years later. If you’ve ever used the hashtag, #CoupleGoals, then you know this couple fits that description perfectly.

Seriously, how beautiful are they?!

So, while Jesse Palmer may not have married the winner from his season, he is very happy now. The moral of the story here may not benefit The Bachelor franchise, but that’s okay. We’re suckers for any love story that has a happy ending.

A belated congrats to Jesse Palmer on his 2020 nuptials!

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