Did anyone go home on The Bachelor this week? (Season 26, episode 2)

Without a doubt, week 2 of The Bachelor season 26 was a wild ride from start to finish.

Though our leading gentleman Clayton Echard was flying high with a few women like Teddi Wright and Cassidy Timbrooks, behind the scenes, some of these same women were opening a can of worms that simply couldn’t be unopened nor go unaddressed by Clayton.

Our lead could be seen visibly going through a tough time at various moments throughout the episode, leaving Bachelor Nation convinced he would send home many contestants during the Rose Ceremony. But did he? We tell you everything to know including a brief recap below.

Who went home on The Bachelor this week?

Shockingly, no one went home on episode 2 of The Bachelor season 26. We have all the drama to thank for that.

Prior to the Rose Ceremony, Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan got into a spat after Shanae told Clayton that Elizabeth was a red flag and someone to keep a close eye on. The two briefly hashed it out and initially seemed to have come to somewhat of an understanding but Shanae, unfortunately, wasn’t done just yet.

Later on at the cocktail party, Shanae pulled Elizabeth to the side, confronting her about whether or not she was using her ADHD diagnosis (something Elizabeth told Shanae in private but Shanae disclosed to everyone on the group date) as an excuse to be rude, even though they squashed their beef.

Elizabeth excused herself from the conversation, heading towards the rest of the ladies to tell them about Shanae’s inappropriate confrontation. The ladies, thankfully, immediately had Elizabeth’s back.

While this was all is going on, Shanae’s buddy Cassidy was hitting it off pretty well with Clayton, something that all the girls couldn’t help but acknowledge. However, contestant Sierra Jackson knew the relationship was being built on nothing but lies, as Cassidy previously revealed she had a friends-with-benefit situation going on back home.

In knowing this, Sierra pulled Clayton to the side and told him Cassidy’s secret. Of course, Clayton was taken aback. He was so offended by the secret, he proposed taking his rose from Cassidy away.

The episode ended there, but it’s safe to say with all the tensions rising, we certainly know the two people who may be getting the boot by episode 3. Will justice be served? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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