The Bachelorette’s Jamie Skaar doesn’t care about all the criticism

THE BACHELORETTE - ABC's "The Bachelorette" stars Jamie. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
THE BACHELORETTE - ABC's "The Bachelorette" stars Jamie. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) /

The Bachelorette’s Jamie Skaar doesn’t care in the slightest about all the drama that he has stirred up. In fact, I believe his exacting wording was that he is “unphased” by it all. I mean that shouldn’t come as a surprise after the way he behaved with Michelle Young and the other contestants.

It’s a jarring thing to contend with because he started off on a great foot and was very vulnerable with Michelle during their date. But all that went out the door when he lied to her about the other guys and said they were judging her character.

It was all a lie that Jamie designed for purposes unknown, and during this week’s episode, Rick Leach addressed all the lies and exposed Jamie in front of everyone. It was exactly what Mr. Jamie Skaar deserved after trying to pull a fast one over everyone, but especially Michelle.

Jamie Skaar addresses all his haters

After the episode aired, Bachelor Nation was in an angry frenzy over Jamie’s behavior, but also celebrating the fact that Michelle sent him the minute she found out what was going on. In response to all the people hating on him, Jamie posted to his Instagram story with the following monologue (as reported by Screen Rant):

"Ppl that were looking for summin to be angry about or towards found it. I’m unphased. They’ll be on to their next trigger next episode & next szn. I know very little about this show and BN but it seems pretty clear that this is the pattern for some of them."

His story also contained screenshots of the messages and comments he got from viewers calling him “narcissistic” and “toxic”. Some fans took it too far (as they often do) and told him that he is the reason his mother took her life. There’s a limit that should not be crossed, and I must say, that is not okay to say to anyone, no matter who you are.

Jamie’s response to those horrifying comments about his mother was:

"Internet hate can’t touch me. Don’t defend me. Don’t engage. The same ppl w: hate prolly the same ppl that ask for pics when I’m out. It’s all good. I’m good. No waiver. It’s all words on a screen. All love."

It’s a bit unfortunate that he seems to be addressing an issue that he’s guilty of himself based on old tweets that allegedly resurfaced recently. The tweets mention violence against Black women, insults about “ugly girls” and the LGBTQ+ community, according to Screen Rant.

I know production is guilty of doing all kinds of edits to make contestants look bad, but I have a feeling Jamie didn’t get any sort of editing. In any case, the guy is gone and now Michelle can shift her focus to finding the love of her life.

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See ya later, Jamie Skaar! 

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