Bachelor in Paradise: Every Season 7 contestant ranked

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Tier 3:  Not Welcome Back

35: Blake Monar

“Tatty Daddy” started off strong but came crumbling down faster than you can say Lil’ Jon. Extremely rude to Tia for no reason. And I didn’t see him make a single friend, so there’s that too.

Before we continue, it is time for our first BONUS RANKING:

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Moments:

5) Tia’s entire date with Blake

4) Kendall and Ivan being a thing

3) Brendan describing Joe’s entourage as a “group of disgruntled females”

2) James and Aaron riding off into the sunset

1) Thomas fawning over the bruja

Okay, moving on…

34: Kendall Long

You have to kindaaa feel bad for Kendall, but this was not really the best look. Don’t fully know what her plan going in was, and coming back for the proposal was unbelievably forced. I like Kendall, but it’s time for her to find a nice Southern California boy to settle down with.

33: Ivan Hall

It may sound like I’m lying, but I called it–something just seemed off with Ivan from the beginning. Gone was the kind man from Tayshia’s season, replaced by a sleazy player with ulterior motives and a personal agenda. Also didn’t appreciate how he seemed to side with Brendan.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Tier 4: We Hardly Knew Ye

32: Alana Milne

Gets major points for telling Chris that he was in the wrong car. But they’re apparently back together now, so it was all for naught.

31: Dr. Joe Park

My Brendan?”

30: Serena Chew

Made out with Aaron on the first week and then got sent home within the hour.

29: Queen Victoria

I think she said she was a Goddess now? I forget.

28: Demar Jackson

So much energy, wish we saw more of him. Had he been a first-week arrival, there’s definitely a world in which he’s engaged right now.

27: Kelsey Weier

Super sweet. The champagne thing is a bit played out by now, though.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Tier 5: Disappointments

26: Chelsea Vaughan

Despite her semi-fling with Ivan, a bit of a non-factor this season. Her presence did lead to Aaron’s runway walk, though, so that’s a positive.

25: Becca Kufrin

I was thrilled to see a former Bachelorette on the Bachelor in Paradise beach for the first time. We were all lucky to be graced with Becca’s presence. But for the most part, she ended up becoming more of a background player.

 **Bonus Question: Who will be the next former lead to come on the show? I think the frontrunner has to be Pilot Pete right now.

24: Noah Erb

Yes, his “falling in love” statement was met with silence, but none of this would have happened had Noah communicated better earlier in the season. He was very complacent throughout and seemed content to just hang out rather than talking about his feelings. What show does he think he’s on?

He does get some points for wearing more necklaces every time he comes on screen, though.

23: Abigail Heringer

The first to arrive on the beach and the first to go on a date, Abigail was a key player from the get-go. But as a consistent shoulder to cry on, she seemed more comfortable being everyone’s best friend than she ever did talking with Noah about their relationship.

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