Bachelor in Paradise: Every Season 7 contestant ranked

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 rankings

So ends another wondrous season of Bachelor in Paradise. Filled with birthday cakes, nudity, a tropical storm, and 80s music montages, Paradise once again proved itself the perfect place to find love and drama. We had three engagements, four guest hosts (five, if you include Wells), and one legendary bromance. After two years away from Mexico, it was good to finally be back.

A total of 40 contestants made their way to the beach this season, the most in Paradise history. Below, I take on the daunting task of ranking them all, taking everything into account: relationship success, humor, drama – you name it. These rankings are derived from objective fact* and are the perfect way to cap off the season.

*My own personal opinion.

Before reading this list, remember that all who enter the beaches of Paradise come away as a winner*. Every one of these names contributed to one of the greatest Bachelor in Paradise seasons in history, and these past 11 episodes wouldn’t have been the same without them.

*Except you, Brendan, Pieper, Ivan, Kendall…

Now, without further ado:

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Tier 1: Get Off the Beach

40: Chris Conran

Tweedle Dee to Chasen’s Tweedle Dum, no one was sad to see Chris go. The epic beach takedown courtesy of Joe, Riley, and Jessenia was perhaps the highlight of the season.

39: Chasen Nick

Nice necklace, bro.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7: Tier 2:  Drama

38: Brendan Morais

In the summer heat, off came the turtleneck, and a new Bachelor Nation villain was born. Former frontrunner on Tayshia’s season, Brendan trashed Natasha and made a mockery of the hallowed Paradise rules. Shame.

37: Pieper James

That marketing degree is going to be getting a MAJOR workout…

36: Victoria Paul

Remember her? Came on the show with a boyfriend, kept forgetting James’s name, and then sent herself home. Good times.

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