Who went home on Bachelor in Paradise this week? (Season 7, episode 8)

It’s been another chaotic week at Paradise, everyone! Although we only got one new episode, that didn’t mean less drama or heartbreak.

Fans tuned in for Bachelor in Paradise season 7, episode 8 on Tuesday night still reeling from the Brendan Morais and Pieper James scandal, plus the departure of Chris Conran and Alana Milne after they were exposed.

So what happened this week on the beach? Well, a few of the contestants finally had it and decided to confront Brendan and Pieper about their already-established relationship before coming onto the show. Brendan got defensive and said he and Pieper wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to spend all that time together if they hadn’t come on Paradise, as if that was a valid excuse to lie to everyone.

Fortunately, it only took about 10 minutes into the episode for Brendan and Pieper to self-eliminate, which was definitely the right thing to do. The remaining crew then had their cocktail party and rose ceremony, where a whopping four women went home.

A particularly heartfelt moment came just before the rose ceremony when Wells Adams came out and shared with the group that Natasha would be getting an automatic rose because she deserved it. Thank goodness!

Who went home on BiP season 7, episode 8?

Below is the list of every contestant who went home tonight.

  • Brendan Morais (self-eliminated)
  • Pieper James (self-eliminated)
  • Demi Burnett (didn’t get a rose)
  • Jessenia Cruz (didn’t get a rose)
  • Tammy Ly (didn’t get a rose)
  • Deandra Kanu (didn’t get a rose)

After the rose ceremony, we got two new arrivals in Blake Monar, who took Tia Booth on a date, and Joe Park, who took Natasha on a date. Everyone was super happy for the potential that could be Joe and Natasha together, but that quickly came to a halt during their dinner. Natasha revealed she had been talking to Brendan on the beach, and because Joe and Brendan are best friends, things got awkward. We’re not sure what will happen next for the pair, but it doesn’t seem promising.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise season 7 next week on Tuesday, Sept. 21 on ABC or with FuboTV!