Why did Victoria P. go home on Bachelor in Paradise?

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Victoria P. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
BACHELOR IN PARADISE - ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Victoria P. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) /

Bachelor Nation is only two episodes into Bachelor in Paradise season 7 and they’ve already seen couples form, couples breakup, a nude contestant, David Spade’s hilarious jokes, and an always-drenched-in-sweat Tahzjuan Hawkins. If seeing all this back to back wasn’t enough, fans also got to see their very first self-elimination by none other than our Bachelor season 24 alum Victoria Paul.

To some, Victoria’s exit was rather sudden especially considering the fact that she actually started to have a budding relationship with her fellow contestant James Bonsall. But were her lies too much for her to handle or did she sincerely have to go home for reasons unknown? We tell you everything we know below.

Why did Victoria P. go home last night on Bachelor in Paradise?

Amid Victoria P.’s search for a rose, Bachelor in Paradise season 7 contestant Tammy Ly noticed she wasn’t playing a very honest game. Tammy didn’t appreciate that it seemed her fellow contestant used manipulation to secure safety for another week, and she definitely wasn’t too fond of the fact that the same contestant was on the show looking for love despite, allegedly, already having a boyfriend back at home.

To Tammy, this was all some elaborate plan for Victoria to buy more Bachelor screentime for her and her alleged boyfriend. Without hesitation, she presented this information to the other contestants, including James.

It goes without saying that James was taken aback by the information and demanded to know the truth from Victoria, however, during the confrontation, things got a little heated. Initially, Victoria P. confessed that she had a boyfriend weeks, if not days before joining Bachelor in Paradise but didn’t believe she had to divulge this information to James just yet.

However, the genuineness behind her answers was questioned further by James, and it was ultimately made evident that Victoria didn’t have real feelings for him, barely even remembering his first name. (Yikes!)

Having nowhere else to turn and having ruined her reputation on the beach, Victoria had no other choice but to pack her bags and go home. Though she’s no longer on the show, many couldn’t help but wonder if there was any truth to what Tammy said or if this was just another ploy made by Tammy.

Does Victoria P. have a boyfriend back home?

Based on her Instagram, it doesn’t look like Victoria P. is off the market, however, this does not exactly mean that she is (or was) without a boyfriend. She has yet to officially address the allegations made against her on social media, but if she does we will be sure to let you know.

Until then, be sure to watch the newest episode of Bachelor in Paradise airing tonight, 8:00 p.m. EST, only on ABC!

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