Rachel Lindsay is leaving Bachelor Happy Hour podcast

Rachel Lindsay is bidding farewell to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she’s been co-hosting alongside former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin. This announcement comes after a difficult few months for Lindsay who has been the target of backlash following her controversial interview with Chris Harrison.

Lindsay made the announcement on April 27th’s Bachelor Happy Hour episode, which marked the podcast’s 99th episode. We will be officially saying goodbye to Rachel Lindsay during the next episode, which will be the podcast’s 100th episode.

At the end of this week’s episode, Lindsay revealed that the decision to step away is because she feels her time on the podcast has run its course. She also cited that recent events have taken a toll on her mental health and that it’s vital for her to take care of herself.

I’ve been struggling. That’s no secret, and it’s been really, really hard for me lately and a lot of the things that we’ve talked about on this podcast are also about taking care of yourself and finding your peace and protecting, protecting that peace, and protecting your mental health.

Good for you, Rachel Lindsay!

So, what’s next for Rachel Lindsay?

The former Bachelorette hasn’t revealed any big plans for what she’ll be up to next, except for just putting herself first. While she is officially leaving the podcast after the 100th episode, Lindsay did say that she may possibly return down the “road from time to time to say hello, to read somebody, to vent, or to pop off on someone.”

We are so here for whenever she returns! Her sassy confidence and bluntness are what Bachelor Nation loves about her, and it will be greatly missed.

As Lindsay signed off for the second to last time, she made sure to give a shout-out to her long-time friend and co-host stating that the podcast is in “amazing hands,”  and that “I will be supporting you from a distance.” Don’t you just love this friendship?!

Check out Lindsay’s announcement below, which happens around the 55-minute mark.

We’ll miss you, Rachel Lindsay!

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