Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 struggles to get cast members

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 seems to be having trouble in paradise…literally. After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series is likely to return this summer. In my opinion, the summer series is my favorite out of all the shows the franchise has to offer. It feels more realistic to fall for someone given the nature of the show and the environment–they literally spend all their time together!

But with Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 likely to happen this summer (even though ABC has not officially confirmed this as of yet), it seems the network is struggling to get cast members to join. It’s tough to say what the reason for this exactly, but more than likely it has a lot to do with the whole Chris Harrison debacle.

After coming to Rachael Kirkconnell’s defense, Harrison stepped down from hosting duties in light of all the controversy it stirred up. The entire situation brought up a much-needed conversation about race, racism, and the lack of diversity issue the franchise has dealt with for a long time.

Many fans and Bachelor Nation alums aren’t too eager to have Chris Harrison back leading the charge, and it seems like this is likely why many are hesitating to return for Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 in danger?

According to E! News sources, the network has allegedly reached out to multiple Bachelor Nation veterans and hasn’t gotten the answer they were hoping for. Some of the sources are stating that some of the alums are not sure which direction the season could take and if it will actually “strictly focus on contestants falling in love.”

If we know one thing it’s that the shows don’t always care about the love portion. It seems silly, but for years, all of the shows have thrived on the drama aspect of it over who ends up with who at the end of the whole thing. Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is the perfect example of focusing on the drama over the purpose of the journey.

Some sources are also stating that quite a few Bachelor folks have been asked to join Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, but are wary to do so because of the “current state of Bachelor Nation”. A lot of them don’t want to be associated with the franchise at all.

But of all the alleged rumors and statements going around, the one that struck me the most is that apparently, producers aren’t looking to pick women from Matt James’ season. What the heck?! There were actually some gems from that season! Abigail Heringer, Bri Springs, Serena Pitt–HELLO!

It may very well be that the producers could opt to bring in former Bachelor and Bachelorette leads, but even that could present itself as a huge challenge seeing as how there is so much resistance to coming back in general.

Only time will tell how Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 will turn out, but here’s to hoping there are some positive changes on the horizon!

Bachelor in Paradise can’t come soon enough!

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