The Bachelor Season 25 finale drinking game for all to play

The Bachelor Season 25 finale is officially here, Bachelor Nation–and you know what that means! It’s time to get our drink on! Whether you’re looking to drink a glass of wine (drink safely!), some good ‘ol classic Pepsi, or just some water, you can participate in this game as we head into the final night of this extremely dramatic season.

Tonight’s season finale is going to be a rather different one given the changes the series has gone under over the last few weeks with Chris Harrison stepping down as the host temporarily and Emmanuel Acho stepping in during the After the Final Rose special. And then there’s all the Rachael Kirkconnell drama, which I’m sure is going to be addressed head-on tonight in the most awkward and uncomfortable of ways.

There’s definitely a lot going as we head into The Bachelor Season 25 finale, and we’ve still got the actual engagement part to worry about. Will Matt James propose to one of the final two women or is this going to be one of those seasons that end with no engagement?

Anything can happen, Bachelor Nation, and to make the night just a tad bit more exciting we’ve got the perfect drinking game for all to participate in. You can join your friends and family virtually or socially distanced to watch and play along with the drink of your choice!

And now for the game…

The Bachelor season 25 finale drinking game

Take a sip of your drink if…

  • Someone says “I came here to find love”
  • Someone says “I’m scared”
  • The camera zooms in on a rose/plate of roses
  • Someone says, “I never thought this would happen”
  • Someone sobs
  • Someone second-guesses the whole journey
  • If Rachael or Michelle give Matt the running jump hug
  • Matt shows up with a full beard to the After the Final Rose special
  • They show a casting call announcement for the senior show during commercial breaks

Take a huge gulp of your drink if…

  • Someone mentions the quarantine bubble
  • A diamond ring is shown
  • Matt says “Thank you for sharing that”
  • Matt kisses Rachael or Michelle with his eyes open
  • Matt, Rachael, or Michelle are staring off into the distance
  • Emmanual Acho awkwardly addresses the Chris Harrison sized elephant in the room
  • Matt cries

Chug your drink if…

  • Chris Harrison has a heart-to-heart with Matt
  • Someone cries during the AFTR special
  • Someone says they can’t do this anymore
  • Matt leaves the show single
  • Matt gets rejected
  • One of the women reject Matt
  • The next Bachelorette is announced during the AFTR special
  • Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe stop by to talk about the next season of The Bachelorette

Now you are more than welcome to alter The Bachelor Season 25 finale drinking game to your liking. There are plenty of other Bachelor Nation catchphrases or situations that we can add to the list above so by all means, play your own version of the game if it so pleases.

However, you decide to play the game, remember to have fun, drink safely and responsibly, and enjoy “the most dramatic season finale ever”. 

Are you going to be playing the drinking game during The Bachelor Season 25 finale tonight? Share your comments below–and have fun!