The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 9: Twitter reacts to Women Tell All

Week nine of The Bachelor Season 25 is over and boy, do we have some good reactions in store for you. Each week we break down what people are saying about Matt James, the women, and all the drama on Twitter, and bring it all to one place for you to enjoy.

Not only has another episode this season aired, but we finally got to see the drama unfold during the Women Tell All. All the former women, minus the final three from this season, came back to bear it all. Usually each year, the contestants do not hold back during the tell-all, so it should be interesting to see what people online have to say too.

From drama, blow-ups, and arguments, to women rekindling friendships, we were sure to see it all. But which celebrities and former contestants will we see chime in on Twitter? Will it be former Bachelor Nick Viall or Bachelor in Paradise alum Demi Burnett? Keep scrolling to find out.

The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 9 is over, but your Twitter reactions are just starting.

1.It’s been a wild season!

2. I missed her!

3. RIGHT?!?

4. Oh wow haha…

5.. I didn’t see that coming.

6. Totally agree!!!

7. I died of laughter!

8. Those bloopers were everything!

9. We missed so much…

10. RIGHT, I was thinking the same thing!


12. I agree, 100%.

13. Have to agree here…

14. Me too…

15. Amen!!!

16. We all knew it was coming…

That’s it for week nine of The Bachelor Season 25 and all of your Twitter reactions!

Make sure to come back next week, as we continue to peruse through Twitter for Bachelor Nation reactions.