The most-followed contestant on The Bachelor season 25 will shock you

The Bachelor season 25 with leading man Matt James has been a whirlwind, to say the least. This season has changed the game in a number of significant ways. Most importantly, Matt is the first Black Bachelor lead in the show’s history.

As we were told on the show, a record-breaking number of women auditioned for the adorable 29-year-old’s season and a whopping 32 contestants were ultimately chosen. They were followed by five late arrivals who took us all by surprise. With so many women vying for Matt James’ heart, there have been plenty of favorites and villains for fans to get to know, especially through social media.

And not everything we’ve learned about this batch of contestants has been flattering. Some of what’s surfaced has been downright offensive. And now, we’re down to the final three. All eyes continue to be on who The Bachelor season 25 lead might choose, and who these women really are when it’s all said and done.

At this point, Michelle Young, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Bri Springs are still in the running for Matt James’ final rose. And you might be surprised by which contestant is the most-followed on Instagram, considering all the controversies.

Fans are looking closely at the online popularity of The Bachelor season 25’s top 10 contestants on Instagram and what it says about Bachelor Nation.

On Reddit, one user gave a glimpse into what’s called “Bachelor Nation’s Social Media Disparity,” comparing the social media followings of Matt James’ top 10 contestants. Many didn’t like what they saw. Currently, Rachael Kirkconnell continues to have the most followers on social media, followed closely by Katie Thurston, and with Abigail Heringer in third.

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While Rachael Kirkconnell remains a prominent favorite with Matt James, she also remains at the center of major controversy. For those who somehow missed it, the 24-year-old has been repeatedly accused of racism by various people, including one TikTok user who claimed Rachael bullied her for dating a Black man. After that TikTok video came out, a photo began circulating of Rachael dressed up at an Antebellum party in 2018. Others shared alleged screenshots of offensive Instagram posts Rachael liked, as well as some of her family’s alleged activity.

Rachael hasn’t exactly given her side of the story just yet, but these reports obviously don’t sit well with viewers and other members of Bachelor Nation. And now, her reigning social media popularity isn’t going over too well either.

Aware of the ongoing controversy, the rumored frontrunner seems to be doing damage control online, but it may not be enough.

As noted by Vulture, Rachael Kirkconnell took to Instagram and told her following she hopes to “earn” everyone’s forgiveness through her “future actions.” Many viewed this as an admission of guilt, including Rachael Lindsay. Per Vulture, the former Bachelorette said these online efforts on Rachael’s part should be the first step of many to make things right.

Currently, Rachael Kirkconnell continues to have the largest following, but perhaps only for now. There’s a good chance Katie Thurston might be coming for her crown sometime soon!