The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 8: Twitter reacts to week eight

Week eight of The Bachelor Season 25 has come to an end which means we have all of your Twitter reactions ready to go. Each week we dive into what Bachelor Nation has to say about Matt James, the women, and everything in between, and bring it all to one place for you to enjoy.

It’s never an uneventful night when former alumni of the show chime in, which we have seen from week-to-week. Nick Viall, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Demi Burnett have all been among those former contestants who have given their opinions on what’s going down each episode, and they don’t hold back.

This week’s episode was one of the biggest so far, as we got to see hometown dates. With that comes a lot of material for people to critic and give their opinion on. What women’s family will love Matt and give their blessings and what moments are we going to cringe at?

If you want to see what Bachelor Nation is saying then keep scrolling to find out!

The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 8 is over, but your Twitter reactions are just starting.

1.Who could forget!

2. Right Nick??

3. This was so cute and clever!

4. I LOVE them!

5. Michelle for Bachelorette!

6. LMAO!

7. I have never wanted to skydive, and this just cemented my decision.

8. No one ever thinks of the camera crew, lol!

9. Same…

10. I died, haha.

11. I am screaming at my TV!

12. I’m crying.

13. When someone finds out, let me know!

14. Him freaking out on the inside…

15. Gut-wrenching…

16. I’m Canadian, and that date was overboard lol.

17. RIGHT?!

18. Sums it all up!

That’s it for week eight of The Bachelor Season 25 and all of your Twitter reactions.

Make sure to come back next week, as we continue to peruse through Twitter for Bachelor Nation reactions.