Who went home on The Bachelor tonight? Season 25, episode 8

We are officially down to the final three contestants on The Bachelor season 25! Matt James has already experienced hometowns, and the next couple of weeks are about to be the most dramatic episodes of the season, we’re assuming. With some really strong connections, Matt is going to have to make super tough decisions now. Who are you rooting for to win?

Each rose ceremony is now getting more and more emotional, and the new episode certainly brought on the waterworks. Matt went on four awesome hometown dates with Michelle Young, Rachael Kirkconnell, Bri Springs, and lastly Serena Pitt, and it seems like some of the conversations the women had with their family really brought out intense emotions.

Out of the four ladies remaining in Week 8, Serena P. made it obvious she was the most hesitant to get engaged at the end of all of this. She admitted to having doubt about her relationship with Matt James, and while speaking with her mom, it became apparent she was still hurt over a previous relationship.

So who went home in tonight’s episode? We’re here to tell you.

Who was kicked off The Bachelor this week?

In a surprising twist, someone went home before the rose ceremony tonight. Serena P. decided to self-eliminate after admitting to Matt that she didn’t think he was her “person.” It was an extremely upsetting conversation, and you could tell Matt took it pretty hard.

During the rose ceremony, Matt gave his three roses to the three remaining ladies, eliminating no one.

So that means Bri, Michelle, and Rachael are the final three. While there’s obviously tons of controversy surrounding Rachael right now, she could very well be the winner this season. We could totally see either Michelle or Bri receiving that coveted final rose as well. If you want to find out what Reality Steve has been reporting on the rest of season 25, check out our Bachelor spoilers.

But of course, the only real way to find out how it all unfolds would be to keep watching The Bachelor season 25 every Monday night on ABC.