When is The Bachelor season 25 finale going to air on ABC?

It seems like only just yesterday Matt James began his journey on The Bachelor season 25; however, the unfortunate truth is that Matt’s season is nearly in the books with only a few episodes left this season before The Bachelor signs off the air for the season.

In a traditional year, The Bachelor typically wraps its season up in March but given this season hasn’t exactly been the most traditional season of the show.

Due to the pandemic, ABC was forced to shake up its approach to filming this season moving the action out of the Bachelor Mansion once again, filming in a Bachelor production bubble, and having families come to Matt James and his bachelorettes’ for hometowns rather than jetting off to cities across the nation. With all the change this season has brought, should we still be expecting a mid-March end date for the season or could the season be ending sooner (or later) than usual?

The Bachelor season 25 finale date

Typically, the average season of The Bachelor runs for 12 episodes which leads to an early March finale date for the show. ABC also typically tends to cap off the season with 2-night finale events leading to the finale of most recent seasons airing on Tuesday night, rather than on Monday. The finale also tends to air two episodes after the Women Tell All special airs.

This year, however, the Women Tell All special came a bit earlier than anticipated airing as episode 9 of the season rather than episode 10. Because of this, there was a lot of uncertainty on when The Bachelor season 25 finale would be coming.

Although it’s unclear how the final episodes will shake out, it was confirmed during the Women Tell All special that The Bachelor season 25 finale on Monday, March 15. With a Monday finale date set, it seems this season will be ending with a one-night finale rather than a 2-night finale, though we’ll have to wait to see as it’s possible ABC could always surprise us.

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