The Bachelor memes: Season 25, episode 8

If you can believe it, we’re officially past hometowns on The Bachelor season 25, and Matt James now has only three remaining contestants. In Week 8, Serena Pitt unfortunately self-eliminated, meaning that Michelle Young, Bri Springs, and Rachael Kirkconnell are moving forward to fantasy suites. While many of us know the spoilers of who wins and whether or not Matt and this lucky lady are still together today, I’m still very excited to see how it all unfolds in these next few episodes.

Though the rest of the season is surely going to get emotional, there will also, of course, be hilarious memes to come out of the upcoming episodes. To check out 20 of the best and most relatable tweets from Week 8, look no further.

The Bachelor season 25 memes

1. A hometown with Kit would’ve been unforgettable, I’m sure.

2. Yeah, her students shouldn’t be watching this show.

3. Getting ready for all of the tea!

4. Such a gorgeous duo!

5. Bri’s mom really stole the show with this line.

6. I mean, this is incredible when you think about it.

7. I’m sorry, Matt, but this line is old.

8. Producers really went all out on the Canadian party planning.

9. Serena P. made a logical decision.

10. He was shook, and so was I!

11. Okay, hear me out: Serena P. and Brendan could date.

12. I can’t stop thinking about this now.

13. I was not expecting that level of emotion from him!

14. You just hate to see it.

15. Here’s to hoping Matt no longer has any doubt.

16. What was even the point of that rose ceremony?

17. Get real, ABC!

18. I know it’s going to be so annoying to watch, but I’ll be tuning in.

19. People are having serious thoughts about Matt James’ beard.

20. There certainly won’t be a shortage of drama next week.

Make sure not to miss the Women Tell All special when The Bachelor season 25 continues next week.