Did The Bachelor’s Sarah Trott have a boyfriend while on the show?

Here we go again, The Bachelor fans. Even though Sarah Trott left The Bachelor season 25 pretty early on, the drama surrounding her brief stint still continues.

According to Us Weekly, Sarah is currently shutting down rumors she had a boyfriend “before, during, or after” filming the reality dating show. However, no one’s really sure if this one is true or false just yet. Shortly after Sarah’s shocking and sudden exit, rumors began circulating about her alleged other beau.

As Us Weekly notes, a report in The Sun claimed that Sarah Trott was dating DJ Bijou (real name Ben Dorman) “before and after” her time on The Bachelor. Adding to this theory, there were a number of somewhat incriminating photos of Sarah with the musician looking very comfortable together on social media. Most notably, the photos were taken and shared shortly before she left to meet Matt James.

However, someone from Sarah’s team said this rumor is simply not true, telling Us Weekly that the 30-year-old former contestant “unequivocally did not have a boyfriend before, during, or after her appearance on The Bachelor.

Case closed? Hardly.

Some people online still have their doubts, especially when taking the trip Sarah took to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with DJ Bijou back in August 2020 into account. Still, a spokesperson for Sarah claimed that people are reading too much into what they’re seeing in photos and exchanges online, explaining that she went with “a group of friends” adding, “Ben Dorman being one of them.”

According to the spokesperson for Sarah Trott, the now-controversial season 25 contestant “went on the trip to Cabo single and came back single.” Most importantly, they say that she returned ready to pursue a real relationship with Matt James.

As for where this relationship rumor originated, Sarah’s reps allege the “intel” provided to The Sun came from “a disgruntled former friend of Ben, and not someone close to Sarah,” reports Us Weekly.

Thus far, Sarah Trott has yet to comment directly. For now, it looks like she’s standing by her team’s claim that she and DJ Bijou are “just friends.”