Top 3: The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 2 rankings

Things got down and dirty on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25 as we had our first round of dates with Matt and his feisty group of ladies.

We had two one-on-ones, a group date, and lots of behind-the-scenes bullying on this week’s The Bachelor Season 25. It’s NOT a sorority, you know?!

Through all the flying insults and paint, who made the top three in our power rankings in this week’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25? Check them out below!

(ABC/Craig Sjodin) MATT JAMES, BRI

#1: Bri

It’s never a bad thing when you get the first one-on-one date of the season. Minus the target it puts on your back to the other ladies who are also dating the guy you are, but NBD. And the lucky lady who got this first chance to make an amazing impression also tops our power rankings this week! Bri takes first place in all the categories.

With an adventurous four-wheeling date that included a not-so-great flip into the mud that sent Matt James and Bri flying, the connection that these two felt was fast and furious. Once they were dirtied up, things got steamy with a wood-burning hot tub in the forest where they took things to the next level and had a hot makeout session. Any opportunity for Matt to be shirtless is OK by me.

Finally, Bri and Matt made a real emotional connection that evening as they chatted about their upbringings and the commonality of seeking out friends who had large families. Bri also opened up about her mom being engaged and pregnant and her struggles with this which Matt was very accepting and empathetic towards. Matt gave Bri the rose and she is with us for another week on The Bachelor Season 25!


#2: Sarah

Another one-on-one this week and another chance to shine was snagged by Sarah the broadcast journalist who took her feelings for Matt to new heights on their date. This lovely lady takes our number two spot in the rankings of this episode of The Bachelor Season 25.

Sarah and Matt started things off with a cozy biplane ride where the adrenaline and the thrills were running as high as the clouds they were flying through. Once they came back to earth, things took a serious turn and Sarah revealed her father’s health struggles and how she quit her job to become his caretaker. Matt was truly touched and impressed by her story and to no one’s surprise, Sarah received the rose. I am loving these two together!


#3: Lauren

It was a group date with no rules that lead to our final contestant receiving some alone time with our Bachelor and that final third spot in the power rankings this week. Lauren rounds out our top 3.

After some messy “Capture the Heart”, the Red Team was rewarded with a cocktail party with Matt and lucky Lauren had plenty of quality time to get to know him. The pair bonded over the importance of faith in their lives and much to Victoria’s dismay, she received the group date rose. Lauren, you go girl!

With a cliffhanger rose ceremony, next week is sure to continue the drama.

Tune in and see who makes the cut and makes our Top 3 on next week’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25! And be sure to share your top three in the comments below!