The Bachelor Season 25: Heroes and Villains of Week 2

It’s official–Matt James is our new man for The Bachelor Season 25! Which of his ladies are heroes and which ones seemed more like villains after night two?

On opening night of The Bachelor Season 25, we pretty much figured out who the resident villain will be in Matt James‘ season. It is a matter of time before she is sent packing, and we will have to watch her unnecessarily dramatic exit. The person we’re referring to here is none other than Victoria, or as she likes to call herself, Queen Victoria. I swear, she makes me yell at the TV more than anything else has. Ever.

The villains are mostly just around for the views per the producers’ requests, however, they still are fun to watch. There’s usually no chance in hell that they’ll make it far enough for it to count and make an actual connection (in this season in particular, with Matt).

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the heroes and villains of The Bachelor Season 25 night two.

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Let us know your thoughts down in the comments of who is on your own list of heroes and villains for night two!

*In case you haven’t seen The Bachelor Season 25, Week 2 yet, there may be some spoilers ahead, so beware!*

Be sure to let us know who some of your personal favorites were of the night as well!

The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 2: Heroes

#1: Katie

She cried. She’s real. She’s respectful. She’s funny. Katie Thurston the well-rounded contestant that we all have to fall in love with. I just want to be her friend and go to brunch with her.

On night one, in case you don’t remember and how could you not remember, Katie brought the lovely toy that helped get her through quarantine and all of those lonely nights pre-Matt. As long as Katie keeps up this fun-loving attitude, positivity, and respect towards herself, Matt, and the other ladies, then she should have no problems advancing. Go, Katie, Go!

#2: Sarah

Sarah Trott finally got the courage to open up to Matt about her Dad’s ongoing health battles and struggles with ALS. Way to go! There was clearly no debating as to Sarah’s placement on heroes and villains this week!

Sometimes, as hard or as easy as it is for others, opening up about family struggles and personal problems isn’t the easiest, no matter how much you trust and/or love that person. Sarah, you may not be my personal favorite lady in the house *yet*; however, I have faith and hope that you’ll change my mind about you. Prayers for Sarah’s Dad!

The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 2: Villains

#1: Victoria

Is there a reason why you couldn’t be happy about Bri’s 1:1, VIctoria? With this logic, Vic is saying that she’s fine with people not being happy for her. As far as I’m concerned, Victoria will always be on the bad side of the heroes and villains list as long as she’s around.

I can’t waste much more of my time on Victoria. Sorry, definitely NOT, sorry!

That’s a wrap on this week’s list of heroes and villains!

Who made your list of heroes and villains from The Bachelor Season 25 Night #2? Share them in the comments below!