Top 3: The Bachelor Season 25 premiere power rankings

With only two weeks off after Tayshia’s whirlwind of a season, Bachelor Mondays are back with The Bachelor Season 25 and Matt James. And boy, is Matt a treat to watch.

Limo night is always a drama-filled ride and Monday’s episode of The Bachelor Season 25 was no exception. From queens and goat shoes to lingerie looks and meatball bites, the contestants definitely turned it on for Matt James and the chance to win his love.

But between the Bentley’s and ballgowns, who topped our list in the power rankings of this week’s premiere episode of The Bachelor Season 25?

THE BACHELOR – ABC’s ÒThe BachelorÓ stars Abigail. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

#1: Abigail

Thirty-two women is A LOT to compete with and getting that crucial first impression rose is no easy task, and our leading lady this week in the rankings managed to do just that! Abigail won Matt’s seal of approval, the first makeout session of the season, and the hearts of all of Bachelor Nation in the process!

Abigail came in completely open and vulnerable and started her introduction to our Bachelor with the fact that she is deaf and has a cochlear implant. Her honesty, stunning good looks, and continued great conversation throughout the evening swept Matt off his feet. Am I saying that Abigail is going to win the whole thing and ride off into happily ever after at the end of this? Maybe, yes, maybe I am. I love these two together!


#2: Rachael

Second place this week goes to another gorgeous girl who kept her limo entrance simple and sweet and promised Matt that they were “going to have lots of fun!” Rachael slides into a close runner-up position.

From costumes to gimmicks, it’s no secret that standing out from the crowd is sometimes best done boldly. But for Rachael, she chose to make her best first impression in an amazing emerald green dress and use her charm to win over our Bachelor. After getting emotional at Matt’s prayer to start the cocktail party, she continued to be open and honest throughout their chats and easily became one of the front runners. Rachael, you’re adorable. Let’s be friends and please tell me where I can get that dress.

Khaylah Epps


#3: Khaylah

Rounding out our top three this week is a Southern girl who knew how to show off her roots. Country girl, Khaylah takes the third spot!

The first unique entrance of Monday’s premiere of The Bachelor Season 25 was a big ol’ pickup truck driven by a North Carolina native who knew she could reach Matt’s heart by showing off her stick driving skills. Khaylah and our Bachelor later shared a sweet tea toast in the back of the truck and he thought she was just as tasty and the drink. Khaylah is definitely one to watch!

We still have a whole herd of ladies left so tune in next week to see whose names we remember and who makes the cut!

Who were your favorite contestants from The Bachelor Season 25 premiere? Tell us in the comments below!