War of Roses: The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 1


Who secured a rose on this week’s premiere of The Bachelor Season 25?

When you receive a one-on-one or group date rose on The Bachelor, you know you’re smooth sailing. If you don’t get a rose on the date…well, buckle up for the ceremony at the end of the week.

The Bachelor Season 25 will extend Matt James the courtesy of giving out his roses to whoever he sees fit, as is always the case with every season and its lead. As a result of this longstanding tradition, some women are going to get very jealous and mad, perhaps even cry over who gets chosen. Some women may not deserve the rose, while others will make perfect sense.

Week by week I’ll be breaking down each rose given on the dates and be discussing the pros and cons. This week on The Bachelor Season 25 premiere, only one rose was given outside of the rose ceremony.

However, it is one of the most important of the entire season, the First Impression Rose.

The Bachelor Season 25
(ABC/Craig Sjodin) MATT JAMES /

Matt very confidentially gave his first impression rose to Abigail Heringer, the 25-year-old from Oregon. As soon as she walked out of the limo in her royal blue dress, you could see the sparks flying between these two. When they got a chance to sit down for a longer chat, the conversation flowed very easily. Matt eventually made a move and leaned in for his first kiss of the season. So yeah, he knew what he wanted at that moment.

I do like this choice for the new Bachelor as Abigail seems very genuine and sweet. I also would have been happy with him choosing Rachael Kirkconnell. They also seem to have quite the connection and she seems very keen on Matt.

And then there is Bri Springs, who is absolutely gorgeous. I think we are all just happy he didn’t give it to Queen Victoria…although I’m sure the villain will stick around longer than we all expect or even want.

As for date roses, we will have to wait until the next episode of The Bachelor Season 25. I’m sure along the way Matt will make some questionable choices, but a lot of them that make sense too. And we’ll be along for the ride every step of the way!

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Until next week, Bachelor Nation!

Do you agree with Matt’s decision to give Abigal the first impression rose? Tell us in the comments below!