Racing driver Conor Daly spills tea on getting ghosted by a contestant on The Bachelor

Here’s some new tea for fans of The Bachelor!

On social media, IndyCar Series driver Conor Daly is claiming that a season 25 contestant ghosted him once upon a time. Obviously, fans are incredibly eager to learn which contestant he’s calling out. However, Conor’s not naming names just yet.

In the original post, the famous racing driver tweeted, “Anyone want to guess which girl on the new season of The Bachelor I booked a flight to Hawaii for 6 years ago and she never showed up?” As expected, many did. For a while, those guesses were flooding the replies section. Conor eventually replied, alleging that no one had figured it out, which seemed sort of hard to believe.

He then offered up a clue. Conor Daly tweeted, “Well she got a rose. The show goes on. This is hilarious. No one has guessed correctly.”

Conor has since deleted his tweets, but you can see screenshots here.

On Reddit, one user reposted Conor’s pointed tweets, writing, “Conor Daly, the Indycar driver, with the tea.” As expected, fans of The Bachelor put on their detective hats once again, attempting to figure out which contestant might’ve possibly ghosted him. But most just wanted him to reveal who it was.

One fan replied to the Reddit post with, “Soooo who was it???? Do we know??? Someone pls fill me in!,” meanwhile others said it’s time to move on. Another user commented, “Omg it was 6 years ago get over it,” and someone else said, “If sis bailed on a free trip to Hawaii, he might want to reflect on why.” Fair point.

Some online said they found the whole thing comical, especially those familiar with the famous driver. A few didn’t hesitate to call Conor out. One person responded with, “LMAOOOOO. As an IndyCar fan, this is the crossover I’ve been waiting for. Given the number of insta ‘models’ he follows, this is really unsurprising.” And they weren’t the only one who thought Conor Daly might be putting a little too much blame on the unnamed contestant for why he was ultimately rejected, all things considered.

Hopefully, Conor will return to Twitter and fill in these blanks for Bachelor Nation. Maybe he’s waiting to see how far the alleged no-show gets on The Bachelor first. In the meantime, any guesses on which of Matt James‘ contestants it could be?