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17. Matt Grant: Season 12

Matt Grant is famously known as the first British Bachelor the franchise had, and the second (after Lorenzo Borghese) to be from outside of North America. His season was also the last time the series starred someone new for the lead.

If you’re a more recent Bachelor Nation fan, you’ve seen that the leads are usually a contestant from a previous season (i.e.- Peter Weber was a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and was named Bachelor following her season). Grant’s season was the last one to bring in a completely unknown person as the lead, and I must say, I wish they’d start doing this again.

But in any case, Matt’s season (also known as The Bachelor: London Calling) in 2008 did end in engagement with winner Shayne Lamas, but it was clear during the course of the season that things were unlikely to last. Lo and behold in July of that year, the couple split amidst rumors of a rocky relationship.

Fast forward to 2017, Grant found love with his best friend, Rebecca Moring, and the couple tied the knot in Somerset, England in Dec. 2017.

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16. Bob Guiney: Season 4

Back in the show’s fourth season, the network opted to cast Bob Guiney. He didn’t fall under the “hot, sexy, disgustingly rich” category the franchise usually stuck to, but was rather more of an average, everyday type of guy. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because it’s what audiences actually responded to.

More often than not, we see the leads as folks that are nothing like the people we come across on a daily basis, so Guiney was a pleasant change, even though it was so early on in the history of the series. Guiney stepped into the role of the Bachelor seamlessly as he was a fan-favorite contestant from the first season of The Bachelorette.

Bachelor Nation already loved him and it seemed like the contestants competing for his love did as well, as he is known as the lead to have slept with the most women during a season. The boy-next-door thing really worked in his favor, didn’t it?

Guiney’s season ended rather interestingly as he gave a promise ring to winner Estella Gardinier but like many others before and after them, they broke up shortly after the season aired. Guiney went on to get married months later to All My Children actress Rebecca Budig, but they divorced in 2010 after six years together.

In 2016, Guiney got remarried to his now-wife Jessica Canyon, and the two welcomed their son to the world in Dec. 2018.