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19. Travis Lane Stork: Season 8

Before Travis Lane Stork was the host of the daytime show, The Doctors, he was the lead on season 8 of The Bachelor. This particular season took place entirely in Paris (why did they stop doing this?!) and ended with no engagement between Stork and winner Sarah Stone.

Instead, the two decided to date but things ended quickly after the finale aired, and that was that. While Stork did get married in 2012, he got divorced about three years later. And then just last year in 2019, Stork got married to now-wife Parris Bell who just welcomed their son into the world this past June.

Stork’s season doesn’t have anything remarkably memorable about it, apart from the locale, famously known as the City of Love. His season involved all kinds of amazing dates through Paris including but not limited to private yacht rides down the French Rivera. There was a trip back to the United States for hometown dates, but the majority of the season took place in Paris and made for quite some romantic dates and moments.

In a post-COVID world, I think they should totally consider doing seasons abroad again, instead of just traveling to them for a quick getaway. Do you agree?

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18. Charlie O’Connell: Season 7

If you feel as if you’ve seen Charlie O’Connell before, then you’re likely thinking about his brother, actor Jerry O’Connell. But it’s Charlie who was the lead of The Bachelor season 7 back in 2005. And while some would shy away from embracing the fact they are a celebrity/actor, O’Connell did it with grace and no shame. Instead of trying to go with some obscure description of his profession, he went all-in, and for that, I applaud him for it.

Much like those before and after him, O’Connell opted not to propose to winner Sarah Brice. They dated for two years before breaking up and then got back together before parting ways for good in 2010. Is anyone else sensing a trend here with the leads of The Bachelor?

In 2018, O’Connell tied the knot with Playmate, Anna Sophia Berglund.