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9. Jesse Palmer: Season 5

When it was announced that Jesse Palmer, former NFL player, would be season five’s Bachelor, it’s safe to say women were signing up left and right to be a contestant. It was quite an exciting time to be on the show unless of course, you were the girl whose name Jesse forgot during a rose ceremony. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, please refer to the video below–and be prepared to laugh despite every fiber of your body telling you to be nicer.

Side note: Instead of taking the rose back, Palmer left it up to the contestant on whether or not she wanted to stay after coming clean about what had happened. Yikes, talk about awkward!

During Jesse’s season, we also met Trish, who quickly became known as the outspoken villain who was prepared to use her long legs (yes, seriously) to attract Jesse in whatever way she could. It definitely rubbed Bachelor Nation the wrong way, but luckily that is not who Jesse ended up with at the end of his season.

Instead, it was Jessica Bowlin who won Jesse’s heart in the end, although there was no proposal, the couple dated for a few months after the show before parting ways for good. This really is a trend for Bachelor Nation couples, isn’t it?

Nowadays, Jesse Palmer can be seen on television as a sportscaster, guest-starring on random shows, and has even appeared in a commercial! The guy loves being on television, that’s for sure.