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11. Jake Pavelka: Season 14

Before Peter Weber (and his entire family for that matter) was advertised as the adorable pilot of Bachelor Nation, there was season 14’s lead, Jake Pavelka. Over 10 years ago, Pavelka became the Bachelor after being sent home during Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette. He just barely missed hometowns so the network decided to give him another shot at love.

With a cute, boy-next-door vibe going for him, Jake was quite the catch, but then his season happened and many viewers began to change their minds. A lot of that had to do with his very unexpected decision to propose to not-so-fan-favorite and the season’s “villain” Vienna Girardi. She wasn’t exactly on top of everyone’s list, and the fact that he chose her over the beloved Tenley Molzahn shocked everyone.

However the real drama came when Pavelka and Girardi’s relationship went south really fast. Within a few months of the season 14 finale, they broke up, but did so in a very public and outlandish manner. All sorts of accusations begin circulating around the media including but not limited to claims of an emotionally abusive relationship and infidelity. Suffice to say, it was messy.

So where is Pavelka now? Apparently, he’s gone back to days of being a pilot and stepped away from the spotlight of a celebrity reality star. And it appears he may still be single!