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The Bachelor Season 17, The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever
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With Matt James’ season of The Bachelor just around the corner, we’re looking back (and ranking) every season that has come before it!

The Bachelor will be celebrating its 19th anniversary next year just as it ushers in the 25th season of the series. It’s hard to imagine that the franchise started so long ago, and to this day remains such a cultural phenomenon.

Bachelor Nation fans are quite excited about The Bachelor Season 25 because it will feature Matt James as the lead (aka Tyler C.’s BFF), who is making history as the first Black Bachelor. It definitely says a lot for the franchise and it’s safe to say, people are excited about this upcoming season.

And as we’re waiting for it to premiere in a matter of days, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at all the seasons of The Bachelor and rank them. Some of these guys I couldn’t remember for the life of me while some I have a hard time forgetting.

We’ve had quite the variety of leading men over the last 24 seasons, and so without further ado, let’s reminisce about our not-so-favorites to the best Bachelors this franchise has seen! And don’t be shy, share your comments below and tell us if you agree with our rankings, or share your own!

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24. Lorenzo Borghese: Season 9

Remember the time The Bachelor filmed in Rome, with an Italian American prince as the lead? I personally didn’t watch this season, but looking back on it, I’m lowkey itching to watch it simply for the fact that Lorenzo Borghese is a prince and that the season was filmed on location in Rome.

Based on what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like this season was as exciting as it could have been given how much it had going for itself. It wasn’t as fairytale as viewers would have hoped, and many were simply disappointed that the Borghese didn’t have a thick Italian accent to kick up the sexy factor. But hey, he’s a cosmetics entrepreneur, a prince, an animal activist, and continued to dabble in reality television in the years following his time on The Bachelor.

Borghese’s season did not end in a proposal, however, he did continue a relationship with finalist Jennifer Wilson until 2007 when they decided to call it quits. As for his relationship status today? I couldn’t find anything telling me he’s taken so if anyone is interested in an Italian American prince who is the heir to a cosmetics company–he just might be available.