Which former Bachelor contestant is joining Matt James’ season? [SPOILERS]

(ABC/Craig Sjodin) MATT JAMES
(ABC/Craig Sjodin) MATT JAMES /

Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is right around the corner, and we’re here to discuss some buzz that’s going around this week.

Attention: You are now entering The Bachelor spoiler territory! Do not continue reading if you do not want spoilers for season 25 with Matt.

Reality Steve sparked many fans’ interests this week when he took to Twitter to claim that a former Bachelor contestant would be joining Matt’s season. The only tease the TV guru gave us was that she was a contestant on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s, Colton Underwood’s, or Peter Weber’s season.

Quickly, fans began speculating who it could be, with many wondering–and secretly hoping–that it could be Hannah Brown. Hannah competed on Colton’s season and then went on to become the Bachelorette for season 15. While it would be wild for Hannah to come on for Matt’s season, the idea was a bit too far-fetched.

For starters, Hannah B.’s runner-up was Tyler Cameron, a.k.a. Matt’s best friend. Hannah herself is good friends with Matt, and with rumors that she and Tyler might’ve reconciled this summer, it didn’t actually seem likely she’d become a contestant again–this season, at least.

Reality Steve spoilers

Well, Reality Steve’s latest column is out today, and he’s revealed who exactly comes back for another season of The Bachelor.

Again, spoilers ahead.

According to Steve, Heather Martin is the contestant who will come back to compete on Matt’s season. Fans will remember her from Colton’s season of The Bachelor, and she was known for never having been kissed.

Heather is actually good friends with Hannah, and Reality Steve speculates that “it’s clear this was put together by Hannah Brown.” He goes on to explain:

"I don’t know any other details of what I just shared, but Heather is Hannah’s BFF. They post all the time together on each other’s IG stories. Clearly Hannah told her this would be a good idea since she’s friends with Matt (you know, Quarantine Crew and all), and I guess convinced Heather she thought the two of them would get along. Or hell, maybe at some point Heather has met or at least spoken to Matt in the past."

So does Heather make it far on Matt’s season? According to Reality Steve, no, not at all. Apparently, she gets sent home the same day she arrives, which is not on night one. Ouch! How terrible.

Steve adds in his column:

"I don’t know Matt’s reasoning for sending Heather home so quick, but knowing that Heather didn’t show up on the first night, I’m sure it was similar to when Shawntel showed up on Ben Flajnik’s season in episode 3 in San Francisco, and he basically gave her the ol’ “it wouldn’t be fair to the others” line. I gotta believe that’s at least part of Matt’s reasoning, because it’s pretty cold to send someone home right away who is a friend of your friend and who flew across the country and quarantined for a week before meeting you. I highly doubt it was because Heather got there and caused drama."

We can only hope that Matt sends Heather home for Steve’s speculated reason, otherwise that would be pretty rude of a move. However, this is Matt’s chance at finding love, so he has to be selfish through it all, at least a little bit.

Remember, we do trust Reality Steve based on how many times he’s been correct about spoilers in the past, but nothing in this article is confirmed by ABC or by Heather Martin. We’ll just have to tune into The Bachelor when it premieres on January 4 to find out what goes down!

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