The Bachelorette Season 16, Episode 8 recap: Someone unexpected goes home

The guys continued to open up this week on The Bachelorette, and Tayshia goes on a very spooky date.

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette started with Chris Harrison announcing he was leaving to take his son to college. His replacement was former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, who met with Tayshia before introducing herself to the guys. The first date of the night was with Zac. Tayshia had an emotional time preparing for their fantasy wedding photoshoot. But she overcame her anxiety, and they had a great time together.

Next up was the group date. They sketched nude models, molded clay while blindfolded, and painted self-portraits. Tayshia emotionally broke during this date. She appreciated how much the guys were willing to share themselves with her. So much so that she didn’t want to pick a single person to spend more time with and said she would spend the evening with everyone instead.

Ben opened up the most that night specifically about his battle with an eating disorder. Tayshia was happy and surprised by all of them opening up, and she gave Ben the group rose. The joy of the group rose was immediately interrupted when Tayshia said she would break up the tension between Bennett and Noah.

The last date was with Eazy. He was hoping for the most romantic date in the history of the show. Instead, he and Tayshia had a spooky time hunting ghosts. This date was hilarious. There were many screams, laughs, and running. Eazy and Tayshia had a good time but eagerly went to dinner. He shared that he was falling in love with her. She didn’t reciprocate, and Eazy went home.

JoJo announced that Tayshia would meet with Bennett and Noah before the cocktail party, and one of them would go home. Bennett decided to give Noah several gifts, and Noah thought it was condescending. The episode ended with Tayshia asking what was on a box on the table after the guys were bickering.

Who do you think Tayshia will send home next week, Bennett or Noah? Let us know in the comments!

The next episode of The Bachelorette is Tuesday, Dec. 8th, on ABC at 8 PM EST!