The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 7: Checking Up on Tayshia


The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 7 said “Tayshia likes bold!”

The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 7 found Tayshia Adams testing how far these men are willing to go to prove themselves to her. There are overarching themes to Tayshia’s plan of attack each week and this column will be a weekly update on her journey to finding her person.

The major theme of The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 7 is the men stepping up for Tayshia. After last week when Noah proved his dedication to her, snagging the group date rose, it’s occurring to the rest of the men that she wants someone who will go out of their way for her.

With all of the dates this week, we were taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as Tayshia got down to the truth of all of these men. All of them got vulnerable with her in a way that we have yet to see from most of them, and it was a rush of blushes and butterflies for Tayshia, and for us as viewers. Tell me you didn’t find yourself blushing during 90% of these two hours!

The highlights of the night were without a doubt her one on one with Ivan and the post-group date-time Tayshia got with Ben. So let’s break these down a little!

The one on one with Ivan was undoubtedly some of the rawest and important conversations that have ever been on the franchise. The night began with Ivan meeting Tayshia at her suite where they played The Floor is Lava, as well as some other hands-on type games. This was followed by eating actual food on screen! Something we hardly ever see! All of this was intimate and felt incredibly natural, and they really bonded with one another.

Then the pair sit out by the pool and begin to talk about Ivan’s family. He reveals that his brother had been in jail and gets into a discussion about police brutality and prison reform, a topic that has never once touched this show.

With Tayshia being bi-racial as well, they both get very emotional about their experiences with racism throughout their life. This is clearly a point of connection that no other man on the show can relate to and it brings the pair close in a way specific to them. After this night, Ivan has set himself forward as a front runner, there is no doubt.

Ben took his chances of going to Tayshia’s suite and apologizing for not taking initiative at the previous group date. He orders room service for her and they have a touching conversation about his missteps. He takes responsibility for his mistake and vows to not let her fall back again. Which is good because we all love him, right?

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Things are heating up for Tayshia and giving us all the feels! 

How do you feel about her connections so far? Who is your top contender? Any predictions for a top 4? Tell us in the comments below!