The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 6: Fashion Dos and Donts

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The Bachelorette - Tayshia Adams

The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 6 was full of some fairly memorable fashion moments, so let’s get into it right here, right now!

Unlike last week, one of the new men that made it onto Tayshia’s season this year finally made it onto the best-dressed list. So far, this season has been chock-full of some weird fashion, ugly, fashion, and everything in between; however, for this purpose of this slide, we’re definitely going to be focusing on the good side of fashion, especially when it comes to Week 6 over here.

Let’s find out who, along with one of Tayshia’s brand new men, made it on the good side of the fashionable list!

Fashion Dos

Starting off here, let’s take a deep look into some of the leading men’s fashion that we saw in Week 6, and how we feel about it.

#1: Noah

I think that, for this week alone, we can certainly all agree that Noah’s best look was when he was jumping over the fence (feel familiar, Tayshia?), ripped off his cute leather jacket, and was just left there shirtless in his jeans, am I right, or am I right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, but while Noah really could rock the stache, he looked so much better without it, and it’s because of that that put him on the best-dressed list this week; maybe not just for his clothes, but because of his facial fashion statement that really did it all over here.

#2: Ed

Again, much like Noah’s reason for being on the best-dressed list this week, it might not be 100% because of his great fashion, but because of some great decisions that he made this week. Starting off, he looked absolutely adorable in his glasses carrying Baby Carlos. In case you’re not caught up on this week’s episode, you may be a bit confused, so go ahead and go into your DVR and check it out for yourself!

The main reason why Ed is on this list, besides the fact that his dark grey/muted blue suit without a tie looked impeccable on him, is the straight fact that he stood up for himself, and regardless of what side of the story is true, I believe that it’s attractive when a guy on this show stands up for himself and brings upon an issue that he feels is important to address to the leading lady, Tayshia!

As far as Tayshia’s fashion goes this week, her best look for me was her black dress with golden, shiny straps. It captured her beauty even more than she already does by herself, and allowed her to glow and really show those men who is boss (hint: she is)! Tayshia, you go girl!