The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 5: Fashion Dos and Donts

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The Bachelorette season 16

The Bachelorette Season 16, Week 5 was full of some fairly memorable fashion moments, so let’s get into it right here, right now!

This week, we were certainly brought with something new for a change: not only were we met with a brand new actual Bachelorette not even mid-way through the season, but Tayshia was also introduced to four brand new men that didn’t make the current men too excited/happy. Jason; however, will no longer be seen or be on these lists because he confessed he fell for Clare and couldn’t go on with Tayshia (he did it in the most professional/manly way that you can check out when you watch the episode if you haven’t watched it already!)

Sadly, none of the new men made it on the Best-Dressed list this week, but let’s see who did!

Fashion Dos

Starting off here, let’s take a deep look into some of the leading men’s fashion that we saw in Week 5, and how we feel about it.

#1: Blake Moynes

Coming fresh off the Best-Dressed list from Week 4, we are met with the lovely, smiling face of Blake Moynes, once again. Looking at the promo for Week 5, we weren’t so sure that Blake was gonna make it through the whole entire episode; however, good news! Blake’s still here…for now.

For me, what did it this week, was his greyish-blue suit he wore when he met Tayshia (night one for her and them all meeting together). He paired it with an off-white type of shirt and a grey tie that was slightly darker than the suit and dress pants themselves. Let’s just say, it was it!

Plus, Blake is such a dog guy that he’s even more attractive! Even in episode one, he was shown in his car talking to his dog while his dog talked/barked back, and we fell in love with him instantly!

#2: Brendan

In all honesty, I didn’t even recognize Brendan in this episode because up to this point, he must’ve been so under the radar, that I didn’t even realize/remember that he was even a contestant in the first place (sorry everyone out there who like him out there)!

Despite all of that; however, he did make it onto the Best-Dressed list this week, so that’s good that he’s getting even more exposure on here now! Upon meeting Tayshia, although they were interrupted by Chris Harrison, so he could tell Tayshia about the new men, Brendan still looked good. He wore a black short type of turtle neck shirt, paired with an off-black/navy blue sort of suit/jacket situation. Whatever it was, it certainly worked for him, I’ll say that, at least!

Plus, he shares a similar story to Tayshia which warmed all of America’s hearts at once!

As far as Tayshia’s outfits/fashion go for this week, we’ve already established that the guys’ favorite outfit was of her in a swimsuit; however, I think he best looks were her horse-riding date look with the adorable hat that she had waiting for her date companion, Brendan (a.k.a. #2 on the Best-Dressed list this week and probably next week as well). She also looked ever so dashing in that brown and black sparkly dress upon meeting all of the men as well! Tayshia, you go girl!