The Bachelorette Season 16: Best and worst moments of episode 5

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The Bachelorette Season 16, Episode 5: Best Moment #2: Much-needed levity

My favorite moment of pretty much every episode of The Bachelorette is the ending credits scene. We get to see actual moments of bromance in the house, instead of only being witness to conversation that revolves around the lead. I often get to know the contestants better in these few moments than I did during the whole episode!

This ending credit scene had some serious Dean Unglert vibes in the form of an unfortunate mustache, in this case, Noah’s. We were shown a hilarious man chat between Bennett and Ed, theorizing on how and why Noah’s mustache continues to exist. The depth of their analysis had me cracking up. As Bennett aptly pointed out, “maybe that’s a thing in Oklahoma,” but it’s certainly not flying with these men?

To make things even better, we got to be a fly on the wall as Noah groomed said mustache. Watching him wield a pair of scissors in one hand and a comb in the other as he stared into the mirror was a real treat.

I can’t help but wish each episode included more moments like these! They really help to humanize the contestants and break up the standard mold each episode follows. Producers, take note!

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This episode was a much-needed relief! Hopefully, next week continues the trend!

What were your favorite moments from this episode? Share in the comments below!