The Bachelorette Season 16: Best and worst moments of episode 5

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The Bachelorette Season 16, Episode 5: Worst Moment #1: Jason’s departure

Sweet Jason. Dear, sweet Jason, the recipient of the most mentally taxing one on one date to ever hit the screen. Jason apparently fell hard for Clare after their date, because although he chose to stay and meet Tayshia, he quickly discovered he was not able to give his heart to another.

I must say, part of me has trouble believing his departure actually stemmed from his feelings for Clare. I get that feelings develop quickly in the Bachelor Nation world, but this woman completely rejected him and is now engaged to another man! It’s just hard to believe he would still carry enough of a torch to cut his own time on the season short.

It seems to me that Jason was just not thriving in Bachelorette world. He was clearly well-liked by the men, but by his own admission, struggles to discuss his feelings. In this world, discussing your feelings is pretty much all you do.

Jason went to explain his departure to Tayshia, and surprisingly, Tayshia actually seemed disappointed by it. This was another moment I had trouble believing, given that they had just met and this can really only help Tayshia in terms of whittling down her options. Maybe she really did feel like they had a good connection and I just didn’t see that come across during their meeting!

Farewell, Jason. Hope to see you on Paradise.