Blake Moynes from The Bachelorette needs to go home NOW

The Bachelorette (ABC/Craig Sjodin)BLAKE MOYNES, TAYSHIA ADAMS
The Bachelorette (ABC/Craig Sjodin)BLAKE MOYNES, TAYSHIA ADAMS /

As Tayshia Adams takes over as The Bachelorette, it’s more evident than ever that Blake Moynes needs to go… like now! 

Although Blake Moynes emerged as a bit of a favorite during Clare’s episodes of The Bachelorette, his reaction to Clare’s departure and her decision to accept Dale’s proposal were clear indicators that his time on the show needs to comes to a close.

To recap, during The Bachelorette season 16 episode 4 Clare Crawley’s time as The Bachelorette finally came to a close in one of the season’s most dramatic episodes yet.

Effectively blowing up The Bachelorette, Clare decided to prematurely end her journey in making her feelings known to Dale Moss. Fortunately for Clare, Dale too had fallen quickly for Clare and, by the end of the night, Dale decided to get down on bended knee with a proposal Clare happily accepted.

Before getting her happy ending with Dale, Clare had to break the news to the rest of the guys which resulted in an awkward exchange in which the guys went from criticizing Clare’s decision to wishing her the best of luck all in one breath.

Blake Moynes sends up red flags reacting to Clare and Dale’s relationship

While the men were rightfully conflicted with the news, Blake’s reaction, in particular, was a bit worrisome.

Reacting to Clare’s decision, Blake questioned why he invested so much only to not get anything in return. In Blake’s own words:

"“When I found out it was her (Clare), I bought a book on dementia and Alzheimers to understand what she was going through with her mom. I fully dove in to make sure that I could potentially be that fairytale ending if I got there. Why did I invest so much and not get anything in return?”"

Look we get it. You came onto The Bachelorette in hopes of sparking a true connection and did a bit of homework while waiting for the season to resume production. Things didn’t quite go as you planned and Clare fell for another guy. Sure it’s okay to be feeling down and disappointed, but to suggest that he was owed anything from Clare is troublesome, to say the least — or as some might even say, dangerous

Tayshia Adams should be quick to eliminate Blake Moynes from The Bachelorette

Removing Blake’s troublesome comment from the equation, the fact of the matter is that he clearly developed strong feelings for Clare and came into the season hoping to spark a connection with her. I mean he bought a book!

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Although he’s decided to stick around for Tayshia Adams’s portion of the season, let’s be honest: his heart isn’t going to be in it. The dude just had his heart broken and expectations shattered by the woman he came into the season thinking could be his fiancee at the end of the process.

Sure he can try to bottle things up, but on a brave face and forge onward, but there’s no real chance he’ll be able to put himself out there. Rather than him taking the spot from bachelors who want to be there and are willing to truly give Tayshia a fair chance, Blake Moynes need to go home once and for all.

And hey, maybe he can get a chance at love again a few months removed when the time comes to film Bachelor in Paradise.

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