The Bachelorette memes: Season 16, episode 4

Oh boy, what to say about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?! Though we can all admit Clare Crawley had been a bit of a pain throughout her journey on the show this season, things finally came to a sweet end for her and contestant Dale Moss.

The two left the show together after getting engaged, and now it’s time for Tayshia Adams‘ turn as the Bachelorette.

And while Clare and Dale found love during last night’s episode, the other contestants were pretty much left in the dark. After a canceled cocktail party and rose ceremony, the guys were getting super frustrated with Clare, rightfully so. When she and Dale got a one-on-one date that turned into an overnight, things got even more heated.

Everything came to a close, however, when Clare finally told the guys what was up. She revealed she had fallen in love with Dale, and that she would be leaving the show. Obviously, the guys were surprised, hurt, and overall just confused.

But now, they have another shot at love with Tayshia. Will they all stay to see this new opportunity through, or will they leave over being heartbroken by Clare? We’ll have to keep watching this season to find out!

In the meantime, since last night’s episode was so crazy, the memes to come out of it were hilarious. Combining the fact that everyone in America last night was anxiously awaiting any news from the presidential election, there were tons of relatable tweets.

See the best below.

The Bachelorette episode 4 memes

1. This was definitely everyone last night.

2. The sad truth.

3. We all knew the episode was going to be so dragged out.

4. That escalated QUICKLY!

5. What show is this?!

6. Seriously, it was such a fast move.

7. Blake really did his research, apparently.

8. Was anyone else a bit surprised?

9. Why does the show keep doing Benoit dirty!?

10. All of America this week:

11. I’m sorry, but…

12. We needed SO much more of Tayshia.

13. Tayshia looked absolutely perfect.

14. Keep the bromance alive!

15. Can anyone tell me their engagement wasn’t too fast?

16. Bring back Bennett screen time!

17. Is JPJ in his feels right now?

18. Especially when the new Bachelorette is Tayshia.

19. Who asked for that?!

20. I cannot stop laughing.

Keep tuning into The Bachelorette every Tuesday night on ABC to see how Tayshia’s journey to find love unfolds.